Disney dog names- Awesome, magical and super cute dog names

You might be wondering who uses Disney dog names.

But some people use these names, especially those that are in love with Disney movies.

It would be a pawsome idea to give your dog a name from one if your favorite Disney movie.

This is a great way to give your dog a unique name and as a gift to the younger members of your family.

You may be a fan of the “Beauty and the beast” or maybe dream with “finding Nemo” or you can just be a classic Disney fanatic that wants to make sure that his furry friend gets the best name.

Well, we have got you sorted with a list of some of the Disney names that you can give to your doggo.

You might be lucky and find just the name you wanted from the list that we have.

20 Best Disney dog names

Take a look at the list below to see if you can find a name for your puppy friend.

Best Dog Names Based on Disney Movies
Aladdin Georgette Perdita
Aurora Hercules Poppins
Bolt Jiminy Rapunzel
Baymax Jasmine Simba
Cinderella Kiara Tarzan
Copper Lady Tiger Lily
Dodger Mickey Tramp
Eeyore Nana Zazu

Alladin– You all know about Alladin the simple boy from a humble background that was turned into a princess by the help of a Genie by making three wishes. Alladin has an Arabic meaning that not many people knew and it means someone that has wealth or nobility in Arabic.

Aurora– This would be a great name for your furry friend that loves to sleep. Aurora is the princess that goes into 100 years of sleep.

Bolt– Do you have a dog that is super fast? Then this would be a pawsome dog name for that pooch just like the dog Bolt.

Baymax– This is a name for all those fine and loving dogs that love to cuddle. Baymax is a caring friend who is also a superhero. Pretty exciting for your dog right?

More meanings

Cinderella– We never forget about those beautiful and pretty female pups that look like princesses. This is the perfect name for all those furry friends. Cinderella is one of the most well known Disney Princess and one that went from nothing to become rich with the help of her godmother.

Copper– Do you have a hunting doggie and looking for a Disney dog name for him? You just found yourself one. Copper is a hunting dog in the movie the Fox and the Hound.

Dodger– Have you watched the movie “Oliver and Company”? Dodger is a canine friend from that movie that has a cool and laid back personality. This would be a great name for a dog that has a cheeky and carefree personality.

Eeyore– We would say that is the best choice for your dog if he is a little grumpy. Eeyore is the name of a donkey from Winnie the Pooch.

Georgette– This is one of those Disney names that is reserved for the most classy canines and furry friends. Just as the name screams Georgett is the name of a Poodle in the film Oliver and Company and she is obsessed with herself.

Hercules– Just like in the movies Hercules is the Greek god that is known for being brave, strong, and big. But this would b a hilarious name for a small doggo that would also be kind of ironic.


Jiminy– This would make a great name for you canine sidekick and if you and your pup are practically inseparable.

Jasmine– We have already talked about Aladdin but what we did not tell you is that Alladin had a princess that he fell in love in love with and her name was Jasmine. This would not only be a great name for people that love princesses but would be pretty one too.

Kiara– You all know about The Lion King, Kiara is the name of Simba’s daughter and would name a wonderful choice for a dog name. Did you know that Kiara is an Irish name that means dark-haired?

Lady– This is the name of one of the most iconic Disney dog characters from the movie Lady and Tramp. Lady is the Spaniel dog that falls in love with another stray dog and a perfect name for a female Spaniel dog.

Mickey– Truthfully speaking it is hard to resist the urge to name your Doggo after the face of Walt Disney. It would make a great name for a furry friend that loves to play and have fun chasing balls and other objects in the dog park.

Nana– This one is a caring and cute dog from the movie Peter pan. You would pick this name for your friendly and loving Golden Retriever and it would be pawfect.

Perdita– If you have not found a Disney dog name for your ball of fluff would you consider Perdita? Perdita is the name of the mother dog in the movie 101 Dalmatians and would be a name fit for your pup if he has a good looking and spotted coat.


Poppins– This dog name comes from the British sensation and nanny Mary Poppins and why not name your dog after her.

Rapunzel– This is the name of the princess that had long hair and would be fitting for a long-haired dog.

Simba– Every dog deserves to be a king and this is the name you would give to give to your doggie if he has that kingly personality. It is a great choice for your doggo is he is super vocal and has a loud bark. A woofy King.

TarzanLegend of Tarzan is a movie about a boy that was raised in the wild and would be a perfect name for your dog if he loves to explore especially in the wild.

Tiger Lily- This name means hard and strong and is also the name of the Chief’s Daughter in Peter Pan. It is a wonderful choice for your female dog.

Tramp– We told you about the Lady and Tramp is the stray dog that lady falls in love all for his charms and good looks. If you have a canine that has completely stolen your heart this would be pawfect Disney dog name to give to him.

Zazu– in The Lion King Zazu is the name of the parrot that acts as the hand to the king. Did you know that Zazu is a Hebrew name meaning movement and a great choice for your pup if he never sits still?

dog name
Better still you can name your dog Dante if you have a Xolo dog like the one from the movie coco

18 Disney Villian dog names

For all those people that have puppies and think that they are a bit too mischievous, these are just some names that you can give to them.

These are just some of the worst baddies in some of the Disney movies but that does not mean that they cannot be great choices for dog names.

Best Dog Names Based on Villians
Captain Hook Cruella De Vil Edgar
Frollo Gaston Gothel
Hades Jafar Kaa
Maleficient Medusa Ratcliff
Ratigan Scar Shere Khan
Stromboli Ursula Yzma

Captain Hook– This is the main antagonist in the movie Peter Pan and is a pirate.

Cruella De Vil– We have told you about the movie 101 Dalmatians and Cruella De Vil is the villain in that film and is obsessed with fashion using skins from Dalamtians to create furs.

Edgar– If you know about the movie Aristocats you know about Edgar who is the main villain in the film.

Frollo– This is the main antagonist in the novel adapted animated film “the Hunchback of Notre Dame” and another great name for that cute but stubborn doggo.

Gaston– This is a chauvinistic villain from the Beaty and the Beast whose character is approached with some humor and making him comic relief. He believes that is a gift to the world and women. If you feel that your doggie is a gift to you then why not name him Gaston.

Gothel– is a dialect name that means “godmother” and is also an evil witch from the film and fairy tale that we had mentioned above “Rapunzel” and another name that you could give to your mischievous furry friend.


Hades– You know about the Disney movie Hercules and the main villain named Hades. What you might not know is that Hades is also a Greek god of the underworld according to ancient mythology.

Jafar– Aladdin is a movie about a boy that became a prince thanks to the help of a Gennie and fell in love with Jasmine. But in the midst of all these, there was a villain named Jafar that wanted to be the sole ruler and was the second most powerful figure in Agrabah after Sultan.

Kaa– In the film, the Jungle Book Kaa is the second antagonist and is a snake that has a large appetite proportional to his body which is also enormous.

Maleficient– This is a movie about Maleficent who is a complicated character and has a conflicted relationship with a princess and king of a corrupt kingdom.

Medusa– This is a character that has been depicted in many movies. But she is also a woman that has snake hair according to Greek mythology.

Cute names adopted from Disney

If your pup has those super cute looks that melt everyone’s hearts, you should also look for a name to match those looks.

You may be struggling to come up with something that can fit the doggie but we have a list below that can help you just with that.

Below are some of those cute names that you can consider when naming your doggo.

Best cute Dog Names
Ollie Noodle Nikka
Muffin MooMoo Minnie
Millie Marley Luna
Lottie Lola Leo
Jellybean Hershey Freckles
Ellie Eli Dot
Dixie Cricket Coconut
Clover Chip Charlie
Button Buddy Boots
Birch Bee Beau
Bear Bailey Archie
Oreo Otis Panda
Peaches Pepper Snickers
Seuss Socks Sprout
Squirrel Squirt Toddy

Most unique names

If you are looking for a unique name that no other dog in your neighborhood has then this is the right list for you.

Best unique Disney dog names
Timon Thumper Sven
Sebastian Pumbaa Phil
Pegasus Pascal Pacha
Olaf Mushu Meeko
Maximus Kronk Jiminy
Jaq Gus Genie
Flounder Flit Dory
Baloo Bagheera Abu

Funny Disney dog names

There are also some of the funny Disney movies that you can choose your dog’s name.

This is a list for all those doggos that always make sure that their owners always laugh from time to time.

There is plenty of characters that you can choose from but here are some few.

Best funny Disney dog names
Bambi Bashful Beast
Dumbo Grumpy Piglet
Gobstopper Splatter

Some bonus best names

You have not yet found a name that could best fit your furry friend.

Here are some other few names that you can give to your dog.

Ariel– Do you have a dog that loves to swim? This would be a great choice that you would want to consider if that is the case just like Ariel. Ariel is a character of a Disney princess that started life in the sea as a very beautiful princess but fell in love with a human prince.

Goofy– This a fit name for your ball of fluff if he is a little goofball at your house. Goofy is the name of Mickey Mouse’s best friend and would also be a fitting name for a dog that has a funny personality.

Pluto– This is another very iconic Disney dog character that could also be a great name for your pooch. Pluto is the canine friend of Mickey the Mouse and also one of the main stars in ‘sensational six’.

Buzz– Buzz is a Space Ranger from the Toy Story movies and is known for being brave. This might just be the most iconic dog name on this list.

Kronk– If you know about Emperors New Groove, Kronk is the Villain’s sidekick in that movie. However, he is a very loveable and adorable character in that film. This is a name that you would give to your pup if he is not too keen on taking his puppy training classes and would also be a very funny name.


Stitch– I would say that this is my favorite name on this list because Stitch is an alien that is mistaken for a blue dog and causes mayhem when he is adopted by Lilo his owner. You can also give this name to your furry friend if he is cheeky and a bit mischievous.

Elsa– This dog name is suited for a female dog who is feist. You know about Elsa from the Disney film Frozen who is known for being independent and strong.

Mulan– This is another female dog name who is furrocoius and the name of a Chinese warrior who against all odds joined the army as a woman. It can also be a name for your dog if you think you are a badass woman who has defied all odds to be where you are.

Winnie– This is a name for all the sweet and cute doggos out there. It is also the name of a yellow bear that seems to be always hungry and a pawfect name for a pooch that cannot have enough treats.

Tips for naming your Disney dog

When you get your pup from a rescue shelter you should give him a name if he does not have one already.

If the pooch already has a name, do not try to change.

When getting a dog from a breeder or a rescue dog that is not already named that is when you should consider naming him.

You should try and make the name as simple as possible. Names that are too long can be hard to memorize and remember especially for children.

Also, if you give your pup a name that is too long, it can be hard for you to recall when he goes running off in the dog park or case of an emergency.

Try and stick to names that have clear vowel sound with one or two syllables.

If you have another pet in the family, you should avoid giving them names that seem similar to avoid any confusion with your pets.

The name should also not sound too much like a training command.


We hope that the names on this list will help you in naming your dog if you were looking to give your doggie a Disney dog name.

Getting a name can be hard sometimes but you just have to figure out what kind of personality traits your dog has to make this even much simpler for.

Personally, my favorite name is Stitch. You can tell us some of your favorite names in the comment section below.

We would love and appreciate your feedback on this article that we have prepared for you.

There you go WOOF!

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