French dog names (500+ of the best names)

French dog names are just adorable and there is no reason not to use them.

France is known for having a diverse culture and rich history and of course French which is considered to be a romantic language. It is also popular for food and beautiful cities.

Did you know that French is the second most studied language after English?

And so if you are looking for a French dog name then you have come to the right place.

Whether you are looking for a name for your Blue German Shepherd or Long-haired Chihuahua, we have you covered in this article.

And just like in our Indian dog names, you will have some sophisticated and fun monikers to choose from.

So why don’t we get right into it? 

French dog names

Choosing French dog names

French is a beautiful language, at least that is what most people agree with.

Giving your pooch a French dog name might just be your best bet in getting a unique name for your furry friend. Dog lovers and other people will appreciate and complement your dog name choice.

However, you still have to make sure that the name you choose will be fit for your dog.

This article is supposed to partly help you with that because at times this can seem like an overwhelming prospect.

Here are some tips that you can follow to make it much easier for you:

  • Pick a name that matches the breed of your dog. For example, if you have a small dog breed you might as well choose a name that fits them like Fleur. And if your dog is large like the German Shepherd use a moniker that will best fit him like Leon for example.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of the name that you pick. Unlike English words, French names have their unique pronunciation which captures their romantic flow.
  • Get inspiration from the French culture, food, and places. You can even name your dog after some of the French celebrities.
  • Practice calling out that name even in the park. A dog name would not make any sense if your pooch does not know it. Training your dog to remember the name is very important especially when you want to recall him. That is why you also have to make sure that you get the pronunciation right.
  • Choose a shorter French name if you are having difficulties with the pronunciation. A name like Bruno or Coco would even be easier for your dog to remember and for your to pronounce.

Female French dog names

The name that you give to your female dog matters.

French monikers for your female ball of fluff might just be what you have been looking for in the quest to name her.

Below are some names that we have compiled for you.

Adele– This is the name of a famous singer and but it is also a French word to mean noble.

Amé– This is a word that means ‘beloved’ and one that would be best suited for a pup that is loving and affectionate.

Alair– This is a name that means ‘cheerful’ in French and is the best name for a female pup who is always happy and smiling.

Clotilde– This is a medieval French dog name that belonged to the Queen of the Franks in the 5th century.

Chanel– You have most probably heard of Chanel which is a high-end French brand and would be a pawfect name for a classy female doggo.

Céline- What a truly luxurious and adorable name to give to your female canine friend. Celine is a high-end fashion brand that also means ‘moon.’

Éclair- A perfect name for a pup that loves some nice delicacies and is also a French pastry.

Étoile- This is a word that means ‘star’ and a delicate and beautiful name for your pooch.
Émile- Do you have a working dog that is loyal and hardworking? Then this is the right name for her and one that means ‘industrious.’
Esme– This word means ‘loved’ in French and would make a wonderful name for an adorable pup.
Fleur– Do you have a pooch that is caring and sweet? Why not name her after a flower by giving her the name Fleur which means the same.
Renée- This name means ‘reborn’ and would be a pawfect name for a pup that you would like to stick with you.

More female French dog names

French dog names for females
Adela Adelaide Adelie
Adrienne Aeris Agathe
Agnes Aimee Alice
Alma Amaline Ambre
Amelie Anne Anouk
Antoinette Apolline Ariane
Aubree Audette Audrey
Ava Aveline Avril
Aya Babette Batilde
Beatrice Bella Berdine
Belle Bernadette Bianca
Bibi Bijou Blanche
Brigitte Camille Cecile
Celeste Celine Charline
Chloe Clara Claudie
Clemence Constance Corrine
Cosette Danette Delphine
Desiree Dionne Doriane
Dorothee Edith Elaine
Elena Elisabeth Elodie
Eloise Elsa Emeline
Emma Emmie Enide
Esme Estelle Felice
Fifi Flavie Fleur
Francine Francoise Garland
Geneva Genevieve Genny
Georgette Germaine Gigi
Ginette Giselle Gladys
Guilia Guinevere Helaine
Helene Helo Heloise
Hennie Henriette Hortense
Idelle Ines Irene
Iris Isabel Jacinthe
Jacqueline Jacqui Jeanette
Jeanne Jenava Jeslyn
Jodelle Joelle Johanne
Jolene Joli Josee
Josette Juliet Kalle
Kari Karlis Lacey
Laudine Laure Lea
Lena Leona Liane
Lila Lina Lise
Lisette Lison Lizette
Loraine Lottie Louise
Lourdes Luce Lucie
Lucille Lucinde Lula
Luna Lunete Lydie
Mabella Macella Madeline
Maeva Majori Marcela
Marcelle Mardy Maresa
Margerie Margot Marguerite
Mariam Marianne Marie
Marielle Marine Marquite
Marthe Martine Mathilde
Maude Michele Mila
Monique Myriam Nadelle
Nadi Nadine Nadiya
Nathalie Neva Nicolette
Nina Ninette Ninon
Noe Noela Noelle
Noemie Noleen Nour
Octavia Odette Odila
Olivia Olivie Orabelle
Osanne Ozanna Pancha
Paris Paulette Pauline
Penelope Perle Radelle
Raina Raissa Rebecca
Regina Rema Remie
Renee Riva Rivera
Romane Romy Rosali
Rosalind Rosella Roselle
Rosine Roux Roxanne
Ruby Sabine Sacha
Salome Sara Sasha
Satine Shantal Sheril
Simone Sofia Sophie
Suzanne Suzette Sylvie
Symone Tallis Therese
Tilde Tracia Trais
Valentine Veva Victoria
Violette Vivienne Yasmina
Yasmine Yvette Yvonne
Vivien Zoe

French Bulldog names

Male French dog names

French male dog names are some of the most romantic and alluring names that you can give to your doggo.

Look at some of the ideas that we have for you below.

Aubin– Perfect moniker for a white fluffy dog like the Samoyed or white Golden Retriever. Aubin is a French word that means ‘white.’

Bordeaux– This is a city in Southern France where great wine is produced.

Casanova– This is the name that all of the dog lovers at the park are going to be envious about.

Enzo– This makes for a pawfect name for a pooch that is tough and dominant but loyal as it means ‘conquering’ in French.

Laurent– Yves Saint Laurent is a high-end fashion brand and great for a classy and spoilt ball of fluff.

Léon- If you have a handsome guard dog you might as well give him this name.

Louis– This moniker is nothing short of irresistible and is suitable for a smaller dog.

Malbec– This is a smooth wine that came from the South West of France.

Milou– You can also name your dog after the fox Terrier from “The Adventures of Tintin.”

Noir– This word means ‘black’ in French and is perfect for a black dog like the Black German Shepherd. 

Pierre– Great name for a canine boy that is well-mannered, gentle and handsome.

Remy– Is a great name for poem lovers as it is the name of the French poet known as Remy Belleau.

More male French dog names

French dog names for males
Abel Abi Ace
Achille Adamson Adrein
Alain Albert Alfonse
Alfrid Alvin Andre
Antoine Anton Arman
Armel Arsene Arthur
Astin Auger Avery
Barden Barden Bardot
Barnette Basile Bastien
Beaumont Beldan Belot
Benedict Benjamin Benjie
Bensen Bernard Briant
Cain Carvel Cesar
Charles Chauncey Chevy
Claude Clement Clovis
Cloyd Corbin Corin
Cornett Cosme Damien
Daryl Dash Daz
Del Delroy Demont
Denis Dennes Dion
Dru Eddie Edmond
Elliot Eloi Elois
Emile Emmanuel Erec
Erik Erwan Esme
Ethan Eudes Eudo
Eudon Eugene Everard
Fabien Felix Fernand
Florent Forest Franc
Francois Fraser Gael
Gais Galant Garen
Gaston Gerald Gerard
Germain Gifferd Gilbert
Gill Gilles Gosse
Gul Gustave Gustavo
Guy Hamblin Hamlin
Hardien Harland Harvey
Henri Herve Horace
Hubert Hugo Ignace
Ilbert Ives Ivon
Jacques James Jean
Jori Joshua Josse
Jovan Jules Julien
Karel Karlis Kota
Lafayette Lamar Landis
Landy Lanny Lazare
Leo Leon Leonard
Leron Leroy Lewes
Liam Lionel Lonell
Louie Louis Loup
Luc Lucas Lucien
Marc Marcel Marin
Marquis Marrok Marshall
Martin Matheo Mathias
Mathieu Mathis Maurice
Maurin Maxime Maximilien
Michel Michon Milot
Milun Montel Mort
Mory Nathanael Nel
Nichol Nicolas Noa
Noe Noel Noham
Norbert Norris Oates
Oda Olivier Orleans
Ormondo Orrie Orval
Paget Parke Pascal
Patrice Patrik Pepin
Perceval Percy Perkins
Perrin Philbert Pierre
Pons Porter Pryor
Purvis Quentin Quint
Rabbie Raimond Raphael
Raulf Regis Rema
Remi Renard Rene
Reynold Richard Riche
Robert Rodel Rodolph
Roland Roul Rousel
Ruff Salomon Savon
Sebastien Serge Simon
Stuart Sylvan Teddie
Theo Thoreau Timeo
Travis Tre Tristan
Troy Ulysse Urbain
Valentin Varden Wyatt
Younes Yves Zacharie

Best Francais dog names

If you have not yet found a French dog name for you canine friend, do not worry because we still have other names that you can choose from.

Ange– This is a French moniker that means angel.

Antoinette– This is a great name for a glamorous pooch and is also one of the infamous Queen of France.

Bastille– Is the independence day of the French people.

Beldion– This is the best choice for man’s best friend as it means a ‘brave friend.’

Bebe– baby

Bonbon– candy

Chloe– Moniker for a chic and classic dog.

Crème Brule- I love this name because it is the name of a popular French dessert. It is also a name that is unique.

Elle– This is a great French dog name for a sweet and gorgeous pup that has some energy. Elle means ‘she’ in French.

Fifi– To mean God-given and a great way to appreciate your dog.

Mila– This is a very popular female name amongst the French people.

Napoleon is an iconic figure of the French revolution and is one of the best French dog names.

Lulu– This a pawsome name for a small dog with a big character.

Soleil– Is the French word for the sun.

French Food inspired dog names

Below are name ideas for all the foodies that are out there.

Baguette– This is a famous French bread that is known for its crispness and length.

Basquaise– This is a delicacy where the meat is made tender by piperade.

Brie– This is a soft cheese that is made from semi-skimmed or whole cow milk.

Bisque– A creamy and smooth soup that is based on the both of strained crustaceans.

Caramel– These are treats that are rich in butter flavor and have amazing textures.


Chambord– This is a fruity French drink.

Crêpe- This is a French pancake that is served with cider and has different fillings.

Croissants– This is a crescent-shaped bread roll that is made from milk, butter, eggs, and sugar.

Escargots– This is a meal that is prepared from land snails and is served as a starter.


Flambée- Is a thin-crusted pizza that is topped with crisp, sauce, bacon and sweet onions.

Pistache– Pistachio

Souffle–  This is a very irresistible French dessert that is very light.

Quiche– A french pie.


French dog names are romantic and can complement any dog by adding elegance and flair.

We hope that you found a French dog name that is going to be best suited for you and your dog and one that inspires you and others.

You can tell us in the comment section below which was your favorite name and if possible share some more ideas with others.


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