50 best inspiring Indian dog names(Holi, Goa & more)

You might be looking to give your furry friends Indian dog names.

Although there are not so many dog breeds from India there is a wide range of dog names that you can choose from that culture.

This is one of the ways that you can use to name your dog and you have come to the right place.

These are some powerful and beautiful names that you can give to your doggie.

One thing that you have to make sure is that the name you give to your doggo is related to the personality of the dog.

India is a country that has a diverse range of religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism and you can also choose a spiritual name for your ball of fluff. Some of the monikers that will be on this list will also have some religious and spiritual meanings.

The dog names on this list will mainly contain 2 syllables that are great and appropriate for your doggie.

Indian dog names

If you do not know it by now, India is the second-largest country in Asia and a population of about 1.35 billion people.

Several Monikers will not be on this list.

We have chosen the best names that you can give to your furry friend.

Best cute Indian Dog Names
Amaya Jihan Vishal
Arjun Karma Yasti
Baloo Kumar Yogi
Bala Lalit
Chandra Lamba
Champak Mani
Drisana Masala
Dosa Nirvana
Falgun Nirav
Gaman Parth
Goa Paneer
Haddi Raj
Holi Rohit
Indra Sakari
Jasmine Tara

Amaya– This is a great name for you if you have a female dog and it means innocent in Sanskrit. It can also be used to mean “night rain”.

Arjun– This is a Hindu moniker that originates from Sanskrit and means bright white. It can make a great name for a white doggo like the white Golden Retriever. This is also a very popular Indian name and is linked to the legend of Arjuna who is the son of the King of gods.

Bala– This is another Hindu word that has several meanings but is often used to mean ‘a young girl’ but can also be used to mean ‘strength or even power’. It is a great name for small and courageous female doggies. You can hardly resist this name because it is both cute and badass.

Baloo– This is a name that you might be familiar with from The Jungle Book. It is the name of the bear from Jungle Book and comes from a Hindi word bhalu which means bear literally.

More on the meanings

Chandra– This is another pawsome Indian dog name with links to the gods. It is a Sanskrit word that is used to mean ‘shining moon’ and is also one of the 9 planets in Hinduism and the father of Budha. Chandra can make a great name for a dog that has a wolf-like appearance and that howls a lot at night when the moon is out.

Champak– According to the Indian astrology names that begin with the letter ‘c’ lead to inner strength in a person. You might not have known this but now you know. Champak is a beautiful puppy name which means ‘flower’.

Drisana– This is a moniker that means ‘daughter of the sun’ and one of the most beautiful Indian dog names for a female dog. Drisana would make a great name for a dog that gives you hope and brings you more life making you smile whenever you see her.

Dosa– This is a type of Indian pancake that can be taken with anything. You might be wondering why you should name your doggo after a pancake but it is a very unique name that you can give to your furry friend for him to stand out. This can make a pawfect name for a dog that loves its food.

Falgun– This can be a great moniker for both a boy and a girl pup. Falgunis a very common Indian name meaning the ‘month if spring’ and would be a great name for a puppy that was born during spring.


Gaman– It is a pawsome name for a male dog that loves to explore and go for adventures. Gaman is a Hindu word that is used to mean ‘journey’. If you plan to take your furry friend for long hikes and explore with his this would be the best name for him.

Goa– This is a great religious name that you can give to your ball of fluff. Goa is a coastal town in India that is known for its sunny holiday beaches and is also famous for its religious harmony. It a pawfect name for a dog that loves to stroll at the beach while having fun with the owner.

Haddi– This is a name that I would reserve for a canine fine that is super cool and one that means ‘bone’ in Hindi meaning that it would also be a great name for a dog that loves to have his bone.

Holi– This is an Indian festival that is celebrated during spring which is also known as the ‘festival of colors’ or even the ‘festival of love.’ It is a festival where people celebrate love, the coming of spring, forgiveness, and laughter.

Indra– This is a word that is used to mean ‘rainbow’ in Sanskrit and would make a great name for a dog that has a colorful and bright personality.

Jasmine– Jasmine is the same as ‘Yasmine’ which is an Arabic title. This is would be a pawfect name for your feminine dog which also refers to a Jasmine flower, a great moniker for a doggo that has a pretty and delicate personality.


Jihan– It is a word that means the “cosmos of the world” and a moniker that is truly out of this world. This name would be a great name for your doggie if you are a big space fan or sci-fi themed movies.

Karma– You are all familiar with this word and is a word that has both Buddhist and Hindu associations. It is a word that is used to signify that the bad or good you do will befall you and if you do good luck will be on your side. This can also be a great moniker for your furry friend if you associate him with good luck.

Kumar– In Sanskrit Kumar means ‘Prince’ and can also be used to mean ‘son’ and would make a great Indian dog name for a pooch that loves to have the finest things in life and one that always want you to treat him like a king.

Lalit– This is another wonderful Indian dog name. Lalit means ‘handsome’ and is a pawfect name for a dog that makes you go ‘aww’ or a show dog.

Lamba– What a great choice for a sausage dog as this word means ‘long’ in Hindi. Weiner dogs are known for their long bodies and it is not hard to see why this name would be perfect for them.

Mani– In Sanskrit Mani means ‘jewel’ and would make a truly precious name for a pooch that you adore and a pup that is the most important to you. It would also be better than having a ruby or a diamond.


Masala– This is a moniker that is inspired by food and is a spice mixture that is used in the preparation of chicken. Masala would make a great name for a foodie or a dog that has a fiery and sassy personality.

Nirvana– This a word that is found in many religions all around the world and especially in India. According to the Buddhist and Hindus, Nirvana is the highest state of enlightenment that an individual can have and would make a pawfect name for a pooch that is super chill.

Nirav– Another fur-bolous name for your furry friend that loves to snooze. In Sanskrit, the name Nirav means ‘calm’ or ‘peaceful’ and you can see this would also apply to your dog if all he loves to do all day is play and cuddle and even an older dog that chills all day long.

Parth– This one of the Indian dog names that have an Indian origin and is related to Arjun the prince. Arjun was sometimes referred to as Parth which means the ‘Prince warrior’ that never misses his target.

Paneer– A name that has Persian origins and is used to mean cheese. If you are a cheese lover and have a dog that has a cheesy smile then this is just the right name for you.

Raj– Another Indian dog name from Sanskrit and a royal title. Raj means ‘king’ but may also be used to mean ‘rule’ and you can see why this would make a great name for your furry friend if he loves to be in charge.

Rohit– Do you have a four-legged friend with a red or copper-colored coat? This is a great name for him then as Rohit means ‘red’ in Sanskrit.


Sakari– A great option for a super cute and cuddly pooch which literally means cute.

Tara– Tara is a pawsome name for a feminine canine friend that loves to be the star in every show. In Sanskrit, this name is used to mean ‘star’ but can also mean a Hindu Goddess that was abducted by the god of the moon and finally led to break out of a great war.

Vishal– This word can be used to mean ‘magnificent,’ ‘huge,’ or even ‘great’ and would make a great name for your dog if he has a big personality or a giant dog breed.

Yasti– In Sanskrit Yasti means slim and would be a literal name for a slim pooch. This would be a great moniker for those dogs that have a skinny built but are still naturally healthy.

Yogi– This is a name that is given to someone that loves and practices yoga in Sanskrit. Many people would think that we are talking about Yogi, your favorite cartoon but no. It would make a great name for a pup that loves to do a stretch with you.

Some bonus dog names for you

Best Dog Names
Adil Chandra Kerani
Ajit Dakshin Komala
Anya Prasoon Kanak
Akash Pritika or the beloved one Mohan
Alogan for a good looking pooch Rasna that means joy Mesha
Bari for a great dog Ronak Neha
Bala Safed Prapti
Champak Tej Vidvan

Summit- A popular Bangali word just for your canine friend that means ‘good friend’ and why not give it to your dog. This is my personal favorite Indian dog name on this list and one that I could not resist giving to my pup.

Tushar- This is another Bangali and Hindi word that is used to mean ‘winter’ ‘snow’ or ‘frost’ and would be great for a pooch that has white fur. You know like white as snow.


We hope that this article helped you find your favorite Indian dog name one that is just pawsome and fit your dog’s personality.

This a quicker way that you can use to find a name for your pooch if you are stuck without going through so much hassle.

Tell us which of these names is your favorite according to this list in the comment section below. Mine is Summit and what is yours?

There you go WOOOF!!!

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