Nerdy dog names- 500+ dog names for geeks

Nerdy dog names can be given to your pooch if you have a nerdy streak.

This is one of the ways that you can name your dog based on your interests and there are also other options that you can consider.

When giving your doggo a nerdy name there are several places that you can get your inspiration from, whether it is your favorite video game or even from a programming language.

Sci-fi movies, mythology smokers, and comic book names are also great when you are looking for nerdy dog names ideas.

We know that naming your dog can be challenging especially if you are looking for names that are beautiful and rare.

Mydogsinfo has you covered on some great ideas that we have compiled for you to use or for inspiration.

Nerdy dog names

If you think of yourself as a geek or someone that has a nerdy streak then nerdy dog names are the best for your pooch.

These names are fun and uniquely adorable.

However, every time you are naming your dog there are a few things that you need to keep in mind and they are;

You should make sure that the name does not sound like any of the training commands to avoid confusing your canine friend.

Try to avoid dog names that have negative connotations and it simply means that you should not choose a name that you would be embarrassed to call your pooch in public.

Names with one or two syllables are the best because the easier and shorter the name is the faster your puppy is going to learn it.

Apart from these, you should also consider the breed of your dog.

So, let us get right to the name ideas for geeks. 

20 best geeky dog names

Astro– This is the moniker of the male dog in The Jetsons. 

Apache– This is a web server software.

Atari– This was an old video gaming system.

Atom– We all know about an atom which is the smallest component of an element. All matter is made up of atoms and the name is great for physicians and scientists. It can also be used to show how smart your pup is.

Ash– If you are a fan of Pokemon you might already know of this name and is a great nerdy moniker for a brave pooch.

Carbon- If you are a lover of chemistry then carbon which is a chemical element would make for a great nerdy dog name for your pooch.

Chewy– This is the name of a star wars character.

Cookie– By now if you an internet user you should know about cookies which are temporary storage on the internet.

Darth– This is the name given to the dark lords of the Sith order in star wars.

Darwin– This is the name of one of the most brilliant biologists that came up with the Evolution theory.



Galaxy– This is a popular dog name for space lovers.

Merlin– A powerful male wizard.

Orion– This is a prominent constellation who was a hunter according to Greek mythology. If your dog is your hunting partner this could be the best name for him.

Pixel– The smallest discrete component in an image or picture on a screen.

Thanos– This is a great and ironic nerdy dog name that you can give to your doggie if he has a small body. It could also be a pawfect name for a giant dog-like the Bernese Mountain dog. 

Sirus– This is the brightest star at night.

Venus– This is a name from the Roman Mythology for an enchanting and beautiful dog.

Zeus- According to Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of thunder and the sky and would be a great dog name for a furry friend that is very vocal.


Male nerdy dog names

Male Dog Names for nerds
Ash Acer Ajax
Anakin Apache Astro
Axis Apple Alpha
Beta Beaker Bell
Bit Bones Bunsen
Byte Chekov Chip
Chewy Cloud Cookie
Codex Code Cache
Codec Data Darth
Diode Dos Einstein
Edison Gizmo Gadget
Google Kenobi Kernal
Kirk Legolas Linux
Mac Mario Merlin
Neo Pi Ping
Pong Ram Spock
Sprite Tesla Thor
Tron Vader Watt
Wookie Woz Yoda

Geeky dog names for female dogs

Female Dog Names for nerds
Arya Atari Beaker
Beta Bing Cache
Cloud Cipher Digit
Diode Clara Clarus
Bug Cupertino Alexa
Echo Hermione Intel
Megabyte Mouse Hubble
Nano Node Pica
Pi Lady Raster
Render Samus Sirus
Ruby Sync Typo
Vector Widget wifi
Saturn Uhura Sonic
Zelda Eve Zip

Film-based dog names for nerds


Adama from the Battlestar Galactica

Anakin from star wars




Bender from Futurama

Bella from the twilight  movies

Bill from Bill nye the science guy

Bones from Star Trek

Boxey from Battlestar Galactica

Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Clark from superman

Chewy from Star wars


Daenerys from the Game of Thrones







Han from the Star Wars Trilogy

Hal from the 2001 A Space Odyssey

Hodor the Game of Thrones

Kylo Ren from Star Wars

Leela from Futurama

Lando from Star Wars


Nibbler from Futurama

Neo from the Matrix


Rey from Star Wars

Rocky from the Movie Rocky

Rose from Doctor Who

Rosebud from the Citizen Kane

Tardis from the movie Doctor Who.

Toto from the wizard of OZ


Serina from Battlestar Galactica

Spock from the Star Trek film



Velma from Scooby-Doo


Scientific dog names

Science-based dog names
Aristotle Archimedes Agrippa
Anaxi(Anaximander) Argon Aratus
Ada Bernoulli Big Bang
Boron Bromine Buoyant
Carbon Cobalt Coriolis
Copper Cleo(Cleomedes) Callippus
Decibel Dipole Darwin
Draco Enzyme Euclid
Edison Einstein Epicles
Gallium Galileo Gates
Geminus Inertia Ion
Isaac Heraclides Joule
Krypton Lithium Faraday
Pasteur Pytheas Pythagoras
Manganese Marie Curie Neon
Newton Nickel Osmium
Radon Rosiland Scandium
Selenium Titanium Ultra
Xenon Zinc Xeno

Smart dog name

Nerdy programmer and tech dog names

Nerdy dog names
Alt Ajax Apache
Beta Byte Amp
Bit Cache Cisco
Cobalt Codec Cookie
Cyber Cupertino Cloud
Data Digit DOS
Cooler Crypto Emoji
Gates Giga Glitch
Java Kernal Linux
Mac Mouse Nano
Newbie Pascal Pixel
Python Ram Redmond
Ruby hashtag Tera
Shell Siri Vector
Widget Woz Zip

Math nerdy dog names

Nerdy dog names
Algebra Algorithm Alpha
Apex Apothem Bisector
Chi Delta Ellipse
Epsilon Gamma Hexagon
Kappa Lambda Matrix
Mu Nu Oblique
Octagon Omicron Parabola
Phi Pi Polygon
Rho Rhombus Sigma
Tan Tau Theta

More nerdy dog names

Crash– for gamers that love retro games or those that used to game in the 90s this the name of a fast-paced game that came out in 1996. This is a pawsome name for a nerdy pooch.

Dalek– This is the evil villain in Dr.Who that was introduced in the 1960s and would be a great name for a naughty doggy.

Data– This is not only a mathematical term but also a moniker of a Star Trek character and is a super-smart AI.

Frodo– If you are a Lord of the Rings fan then you could name your four-legged friend after one of Tolkien’s most famous Hobbit.

Gigabyte– This is a quirky and cool tech name for nerdy dogs and nerdy dog powers.

Googles -These are some of the most essential equipment in the scientific world and there is nothing that could stop you from naming your dog after them.

Gollum– This is a great name for a smaller pooch and a dog that is attached to one toy or one who hoards a lot.

Hagrid is a great name for all the Harry Potter fans that are out there and would make a great moniker for a pooch that has a beautiful but rugged coat.

8-bit is a great nerdy dog name that is pawfect for nerdy and small pups.


There are several places where you can find ideas to name your dog nerdy dog names can be a great place to start.

Whether you are taking inspiration from outer space, shows, nerdy movies, or even video games it will depend on your dog’s character and what you prefer to get a great name for your pooch.

Using the comment section below let us know if this article was helpful for you. You can also share some nerdy dog names ideas with us.

There you go WOOF!

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