How to groom a Samoyed- 6 MISTAKES to avoid and more tips

Samoyed grooming and care are very important for his health and well-fare.

Grooming time with your Samoyed can also act as some crucial time for you and your white adorable pooch to bond, strengthening your relationship with him.

Here at Mydogsinfo, we understand how important this is and it is for that reason that we prepared this article.

This will help you groom your Samoyed better and in the right way.

So, why don’t we get right into it?


Why is Samoyed Grooming important?

Samoyeds are attractive dogs with white, thick, and adorable coats that have to be taken care of to leave the dog looking great.

You can learn more about this spitz-type dog by visiting this dog breed guide.

So, what makes grooming this dog so important. Let us look at some of the reasons;

✓ We can all agree that dogs are happiest when they look great. The same applies to the Samoyed’s appearance and general mood. This also affects the dog’s relations with other people that he may happen to interact with.

✔ Grooming is a great time for you and your white fluffy canine friend to bond and socialize. This in turn also helps improve your Samoyed’s confidence.

✓ When you are grooming your Samoyed, you also do health checks on the pooch. You are most likely to notice any signs of infections, especially skin infections when you find any bumps or sores that may be hidden beneath the coat.

✔ Grooming this canine also helps you to maintain the general cleanliness of your house and improve sanitization.

✓ Although shedding in this dog cannot be completely avoided, frequently grooming him can help to reduce it a lot.

Some of the common Samoyed grooming mistakes

✘ Not grooming the Samoyed consistently throughout the year.

✗ Most people brush this dog’s coat when it is still wet and this tends to make the hair clump up and even irritate the skin. It may be tempting to brush the Samoyed’s coat after a romp in the yard or a swim to get the coat back in shape but you should completely avoid it.

✘ Failing to rinse the dog’s coat thoroughly after bathing him, leaving the dog with soap or shampoo can cause serious issues.

Shaving the Samoyed coat during summer to help him cool better. This may make sense from a human standpoint, but it may do more harm than good.

✗ Bathing the dog too often will remove oils and proteins that protect the coat and may be irritating to the dog’s skin.

Washing the inner parts of a Samoyed’s ears can lead to ear infections. No liquids or water should be introduced around or near the ear canal.

Samoyed Grooming tips

Before we dive into how you should groom this dog, let us look at the basics of his coat.

Basics of the Samoyed’s coat

Samoyeds are placid and gentle dog’s but the same cannot be said about their coat. They are also known for their incredibly adorable smiles.

These dogs have fluffy, straight, and thick coats that shed throughout the year which makes maintaining their coat a necessity.

The coats are also white or cream and they get dirty easily.

Any potential owner should know that taking care of this dog’s coat will not be a walk in the park. It is intensive and one may also be required to seek help from a professional groomer who will help take care of the dog’s grooming needs.

De-shedding brush

1. Brushing

How often should the coat be brushed?

Brushing a Samoyed’s coat should be done daily to reduce tangling and minimize the level of shedding.

The shedding sessions should be about 10 minutes but should not be overdone as it may irritate the dog’s skin.

These sessions should be light to say the least with 2 major weekly brushing sessions to get deep into the coat.

Brushing tools

  • Pin brush
  • Rake
  • Steel Comb with graduated teeth
  • A large and small size slicker brush
  • Greyhound comb

You will also need a detangling spray to relax the hair and make it easier to remove mats and tangles.

How to brush a Sammie(Techniques)

Line brushing” is the best technique use when you are brushing the Samoyed’s thick coat and reach the skin. This is when you are intensively brushing the coat.

You should make sure that you are not only brushing the topcoat and missing the undercoat.

This rising method is time-consuming and will involve brushing small tufts of hair at a time.

First, you will need to make sure that you have properly conditioned the coat to rehydrate the coat, restore the sheen, and also help in detangling.

Part a tuft of hair and using your slicker brush, brush down that section of the coat.

Once you have that section brushed, use your steel comb and comb that section. Grab another section until you are done with the whole coat.

It is recommended that you start from the legs and work your way up, chunk after chunk.

How you should do line brushing
How you should do line brushing


Areas prime to matting and tangling;

  • Under the belly
  • Back of the legs
  • Ears
  • Under the arms
  • Below tha neck

If you come across any pesky tangles or mats you should carefully work on them.

Using your slicker brush you will be able to identify any mats and tangles that may be on the Samoyed’s coat.

With your rake and detangling spray, break off any stubborn mats and tangles in any of the coat areas. Do not struggle with any super stubborn mats.

These mats may need to be cut out or shaved.

What not to do;

Do not use your hands to pull out any matted fur but rather brush the hair in the same direction as the hair grows.

2. Do not shave the Samoyed

Shaving your Samoyed’s coat is not recommended for the following reasons;

  • You may disrupt the dog’s heat regulation mechanism by removing the Samoyed’s protective double coat.
  • These dogs may easily get sunburned without fur protection.
  • After shaving the coat may not grow back correctly.
  • The coat may take so long to grow back, up to 3 years.

However, you can give your Smilie Sammie one of the following trims.

  1. Sammy cotton ball cut
  2. The Classic Samoyed cut

Samoyed Cottonball cut

You may also need to trim the following areas;

Area trim
Hocks are the areas at the back of the rare legs just above the feet.
This area should be trimmed to keep them from collecting dirt and matting.
You will need to remove any mats in this area by brushing.
Then using high-quality scissors trim the hair at about one and a half-length from the feet in a straight line and parallel to the hock.
Make sure that you are as even as possible.
Under the anus
This helps your Sammie to stay clean.
Holding your scissors parallel to the skin and making sure that you do not cut the skin, trim small hair bits at a time.
Bottom of the foot
The bottom of the feet and the areas between the pads will also need to be trimmed.
Be extra careful not to cut the pads as healing can take a long time.
You will need to use rounded scissors and 1st trim the long hairs then trim the hairs that are above the pads evenly.
Feet Trimming this area also helps to prevent the dog from collecting foxtails and dirt.

Make sure that your canine friend is raised enough in a position where you can comfortably see the feet.

Comb the feet hairs then trim any scraggly and long hairs enough to make sure the dog is neat.

You will need to visit a professional groomer if you do not have prior experience doing it. Please do not do it you are not comfortable with your abilities. I cannot insist on this enough.

3. Bath your Samoyed occasionally

The age of your Sammie will determine how many times you are going to bath him.

If he is young and healthy, you will only need to bath them thrice every year which will be enough for him.  However, you may need to clean them up in case they end up playing in a muddy pool.

As he ages, increase how often you bath your Smiley to once every 3 months.

4. Get your Samoyed used to grooming

The best way to do this is by starting early while the dog is still young and make it a pleasant experience.

Keep the grooming sessions short to 10 minutes at most.

Use lures such as high-value treats or his best to get the canine to lie down while you brush him.

Once the Smiley Sammie gets used to grooming, you can slowly increase the session duration.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of Samoyed grooming?

A full Samoyed groom will cost anywhere between $120 and $250 depending on the groomer you visit.

Do Samoyed Smell?

Unlike most dog breeds, Samoyeds do not have a doggie odor but will only smell when they get dirty and when they require grooming.

Final thoughts

Most dog lovers tend to wrongly groom their canines which may not only affect the dog’s look but may also have devastating effects on the dog’s well-being and health.

If you are not comfortable grooming your Samoyed all on your own, please visit a professional groomer to get advice and even get it done for you.

Choose the right tools for the job and make sure that they are high-quality.

I hope this guide was helpful to you.

If you have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comment section below.

There you go, WOOF!

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