Unique German Shepherd names (200 plus names)

This our Ultimate list of German Shepherd names that you can give to your dog.

You may have just adopted or purchased a German Shepherd Pup from a reputable breeder and might be wondering what name you should give to him.

We have just the right list where you can choose a dog name for that pup. Over 200 unique, cute, and fun names just for your GSD pup.

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds and it is not hard to see why.

These dogs have a beautiful look and adorable and you have to make sure that you get a name that matches his personality.

How to choose a German Shepherd name

Here are some of the things that you need to do when you are about to name your German Shepherd:

  • Do not follow trends or what other people are doing.
  • Never give your GSD a name based on his negative traits.
  • Always make sure that the name is simple and clear.
  • Do not choose a name that will end up embarrassing you.

Naming a dog can be quite a hassle for some people something that I have personally experienced when I was trying to name my first puppy as a kid.

I could not come up with the right name to give him. It was as if all the good names had been taken and I could not find one. But I ended up naming him Blackie because he has a black coat and I thought it was good for him.

Now, I do not want you to go through the same struggle that I went through so hear me out.

One of the key things that you need to do when you are naming your dog is keeping it as simple as possible. Choose a dog name that starts with a distinct and sharp sound like D or T.

Pick a dog name that your pooch can easily remember when you are trying to call him/her.

Avoid names that sound like some of the basic training commands, like ‘Joe’ which sounds almost similar to ‘No.’

Look at the heritage where your dog comes from and pick things up from there.

Another good idea is using a name that reminds you of one of your good childhood memories.

But the best thing you can dog is giving your pooch a name that goes hand in hand with his personality and temperament.

Names for a German Shepherd

There are some common names like Max that you can try to avoid and some very have and unique ones like Camelot and Pendragon that are too confusing.

German Shepherds were first bred in Germany by a man named Captain Max Von Stephanitz.

So, let us start with our list of the most popular German Shepherd names. 

The 10 most popular names for GSDs are;

  • Bella
  • Max
  • Roxy
  • Kaiser
  • Shadow
  • Vegas
  • Darcy
  • Jasper
  • Nelly
  • Pip
  • Sergio
  • Izzy
popular German Shepherd Names
Male names  female names
Bear Daisy
Zeus Maggie
Max Molly
Buddy Princess
Duke Ladie
Rocky Sadie
Shadow Sheeba
Jack Sasha
Rex Heidi
Jake Bella

Unique dog names

Best unique Dog Names
Archie Bertie Clyde
Ernie Faith George
Henry Hope Poppy
Reggie Remus Ronnie
Tess Tilly Toby

The list above is some of the dog names that you can give to your adorable German Shepherd that match the personality of the dog.

Best unisex German Shepherd names
Allegro Avalanche Avalon
Bailey Biko Bits
Blitzen Boo Bootsie
Bug Camelot Cassidy
Chaos Clover Corona
Cricket Dreamer Echo
Einstein Eskimo Eureka
Fedora Fiesta Froggy
Gargoyle Gatsby Hershey
Hickory Freckles Friday
Indigo Java Kid
Koko Liberty Lucky
Marble Mayhem Moonshine
Mystic Nova Nugget
Odyssey Palomino Perry
Pharaoh Pudge Pumpkin
Rain Remington Rhapsody
Ricochet Sam Sandy
Scruffy September Snickers
Socks Solstice Splash
Tango Taz Tonka
Tuesday Utopia Windsor

Dog names for female German Shepherds

You just got yourself a female German shepherd Puppy. These are some of the names that you can give to him.

Ada that means noble.

Anja- This is a great name for a girl pup who is courageous, quiet, and laid back.





Cleopatra– This is the name of an Egyptian and would be suited for a pup that is strong-willed and has a determined character.

Christa– This name means the chosen one and would be appropriate for a puppy that you adopted from the dog shelter.



Erna– This is a dog name for a German Shepherd that is confident in herself and completely fearless.




Frida for a peaceful and good girl

Fritzi is an appropriate name for GSD that is in a home of several other pets and he ensures that all the members of the family are safe.




Heidi– This name means ‘nobility’ and would be well suited for a fearless and stoic pup.



Leia- from the StarWars franchise



Ute to mean fortune




Female GSD names

You just got a male furry friend and he is a German Shepherd.

Did you know that GSDs are said to be a part wolf? They are also one of the most courageous and intelligent dog breeds.

These are some of the feminine names that reflect the personality of the German Shepherd.

Best Dog Names
Adolph Arlo Axel
Arnold Aslan Atlas
Bernard Bruno Bucky
Baron Caesar Casper
Comet Champ Dedrick
Dirk Donner Dougie
Ernie Franz Finn
Frank Gunther Hans
Heinrich Heiko Hansel
Hunter Klaus Leonard
Max Manfred Matrix
Major Luka Otto
Rolf Sampson Sigmund
Sarge Stark Stein
Ulf Bullet Jet
Rudy Wilhelm Walter
Wolfgang Kane Zak

Arnold is a name that means ‘eagle power’ but is also the name of the action movie actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Axel means the father of peace.

Bruno would be a pawfect name for a male German Shepherd that is courageous because it means armor or shield.

Bernard is a pawsome name for a GSD and means brave and strong.

Franz is a great name for a Shepherd that is sociable and happy with life and means ‘free.’

Otto means prosperity.

Color-based German Shepherd names

Black German Shepherd names
Beauty BlackJack Blackberry
Carbon Cole Cricket
Domino Ebony Eclipse
Eightball Inky Jet
Kettle Layla Licorice
Mamba Merlin Midnight
Mora Nightmare Panther
Pepper Phantom Raven
Reaper Sable Silhouette
Spade Storm Vader
Velvet Viper Vlad
Widow Zukua Taffy
Amber Autumn Cookie
Copper Fudge Goldie
Nutmeg Rolo Rusty
Saffron Skippy Snickers
Biscuit Goldie Jet

Some names for a White German Shepherd

white German Shepherd names
Alabaster Alaska Angel
Blanco Blizzard Casper
Cloud Coral Crystal
Dove Frosty Glow
Halo Ice Ivory
Jewel Lacy Lightning
Lilly Luna Magnolia
Marshmallow Mayo Moonshine
Opal Pearl Polar
Polaris Popcorn Seraphim
Shiver Sky Snow
Star Sugar Tundra
Vanilla Winter Angel
Zero Alaska Daisy
Ivory Jasmine Misty
Tundra Yuki Mimi
Nala Otis Lulu

Name for German Shepherd police dogs

Most of the dogs that are used by police and the military are German Shepherds.

The reason for this is because these doggos are courageous and have incredible intelligence.

We have picked some names for you if you just adopted a GSD from a security service background.

  • Ape
  • Finn
  • Agent
  • Phantom
  • Sherlock
  • Trooper
  • Scout
  • Zelda
  • Joan
  • Huntress
  • Echo
  • Ranger
  • Boss
  • K-9
  • Honor

Strong names for a German Shepherd

Max bred the German shepherd to be a strong and agile working dog and in the process, he made them one of the strongest breeds in the world.

Every dog deserves a name that perfectly matches his personality.

Look at some of these names to see if you can get a dog name that you can give to your pooch.











Erma which means warrior








Panzer is a German tank and would be a pawfect name for a strong German Shepherd.


Ursula that mean a little bear




Best names for a German Shepherd

Maybe you have not yet found the name that tickles your fancy.

Below are some names that you could choose if you are still in that situation and looking at some of the celebrities and characters would be great.

Here is the list

best German Shepherd names
Athena Arlo
Bolt Snow
Solo Sansa
Hawk Cersei
Winter Ivy
Asher Moose
Valentine Omega
Zeus Liberty
Tolkien Salem
Eleven Maximus
Ice Skype


By now I hope that you found the name that is suitable for your ball of fluff and if you have not we at least hope that we were able to give you an idea of how best you can name your German Shepherd.

How you name your GSD does not matter, what matters is giving him the name that you love.

Keep it simple and choose a dog name that suits the pooch’s demeanor and character.

Let us know if we help you get a name that you love in the comment section below.

There you go WOOF!!!

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