Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix- Buyer’s guide


The Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix is a medium-sized, energetic, and cheerful mixed companion dog that comes in a variety of colors and color combinations. This Border Aussie mix weighs between 30 and 65 pounds and stands at 18 to 23 inches tall.

He is also a very intelligent hybrid dog with both parents having a working dog background.

The Border Collie is known as the most intelligent dog on the planet and is not a surprise that these two doggos were bred together.

It is also worth noting that the amount of energy that this pooch has does not make him suitable for apartment living. They need a lot of activity to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

When you get this Aussie mix you are sure to have a perfect addition to your home.

There is still a lot you have to learn about this dog. And you must get all the information that you need before deciding to adopt.

So, let us look at the Border Collie and Australian mix and learn what you need to do to make him happy and healthy. 


About the Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix

This mix is exactly like its name a cross between a purebred Border Collie and a purebred Australian Shepherd.

Both the Border Colie and the Australian shepherd were bred to be working dogs. Their main purpose was to herd livestock such as cattle and sheep.

There are also classified as very energetic and smart dogs. They seem to make an almost perfect match.

Also known as a Border Aussie this pooch is an obedient, loyal, and wants to be on the move constantly.

This doggo is not one that likes to do the same task over and over as he easily gets bored.

The pup that is produced by mixing these two dogs may show traits of either of them.

There is not always a guarantee that he will be 50-50 combination.

But generally, this cross needs to learn new tricks regularly, play some obedience games, and need an owner that is going to match his energy doing a variety of activities.

If you are not an active person you might just get overwhelmed by this dog and he might not be the one for you.

Border Aussie recognition

The American Kennel Club does not officially recognize this dog because he is a designer dog. Even the UKC does not recognize this awesome doggie.

There are very few clubs that recognize hybrids dogs because they do not have the desired qualities of their purebred parents.

A designer dog is a hybrid doggo that has been created by the crossing of two purebred dogs.

However, there are a few dog registries that recognize this hybrid canine. These registries include:

  • The American Canine Hybrid Club(ACHC)
  • Dog Registry of America(DRA)
  • The International Designer Canine Registry(IDCR)
  • Designer dogs Kennel Club(DDKC)

This designer dog also does not have a club that is dedicated to him.


Characteristics and appearance of the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix

Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix summary table
Height Males: 19 to 23 inches, Females: 18 to 21 inches
Weight Males: 35 to 65 pounds, Females: 30 to 50 pounds
Lifespan 10 to 17 years
Breed Type mixes and more
Purpose companion and working dog
Suitable For active families and people that have livestock to herd
Grooming requirements moderate grooming
Color Variations Blue merle, Red Merle, Black and white, a combination of the colors with tan markings
Health concerns Progressive retinal atrophy, eye disorders, hip, and elbow dysplasia
Temperament friendly, loving, intelligent, energetic, active, loyal and focused
Other Names Border Aussie

Size of the Border Aussie

The Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix is a medium-sized dog.

It can be hard to predict the exact size that your four-legged friend is going to have when he or she reaches adulthood.

Several factors will influence the size fo the pooch.

But in general, you should expect the height to be around 19 to 23 inched for the males and 18 to 21 inches for the females.

The weight of this mix can be anywhere between 35 to 65 pounds for the males and 30 to 50 pounds for the females.

Physical appearance

This doggie can look like either the Border Collie or the Australian Shepherd.

It all depends on which of the parents is going to have the dominant genes.

Both these dogs have bodies that look almost similar, well-balanced, muscular, and athletic.

It is almost possible that your puppy is going to be a perfect blend of the two. But this is not always the case.

One thing that this dog is going to have for sure is the high energy levels.

The eyes can be oval or almond-shaped with green or brown colors. This Border Collie mix may also have different colored eyes, a condition that is known as Heterochromia.  I prefer to look at this condition as more a characteristic that makes the dog more adorable other than an abnormality.

These dogs have mesocephalic heads with floppy ears.

aAustralian-shepherd-border-collie-mix dog

Coat appearance and Shedding

The coat appearance is also unpredictable.

But is a coat that you can rely on to medium or long and should be a double coat. The undercoat and the upper coat should be thick to protect the dog against harsh weather conditions. They can have feathering on the tails and the legs.

However, he is going to shed all year round and blow out the coat twice every year during the shedding seasons.


There is also a wide range of colors that this dog may inherit from either parent.

  • Red
  • Grey
  • Blue Merle
  • Red merle
  • White and black
  • Red tricolor
  • May have tan markings

Temperament and personality of the Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix

When you are looking at the character traits of any mixed doggo, you have to keep in mind that every dog has his personality and can inherit both the negative and the positive personalities of the parents’ breeds.

Generally, they are family-oriented dogs that thrive in the company of humans.

You should not leave this dog for long periods because he may suffer from separation anxiety.

However, in the case of the Border Aussie where both of the parent breeds have almost similar traits, it can be easier to predict the personality of the pup.

The way your dog behaves also depends on how you raise him and the environment where he is raised.

Both the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie were bred to be working dog breeds and they are full of life and energy.

You should expect your Border Shepherd to be a highly intelligent dog. Their work drive should be like the one you have never seen in any other dog.

They have a strong motivation to herd and round up things being a natural herding dog.

Being highly smart also means that they can get bored easily and should be kept occupied most of the time.

If you fail to keep them busy they may end up being a bit mischievous.

They are normally silent but can be vocal when they are reacting to something or when they are excited they may even howl.

With the correct training and socialization, you should end up with a happy and well-rounded pooch.

Australian Shepherd Border Colle mix

Is the Border Aussie mix a good family dog?

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd is a family-friendly dog. But he can become protective and should be socialized at an early age to prevent him from developing this behavior.

When they are well socialized and trained this dog should make a pawsome addition to your family.

Their ability to play also makes them great for younger kids.

You should monitor any interactions that they have with children as they nip their ankles when they are not handled correctly.

This does not mean that they are aggressive but it is just them being driven by their instincts.

However, they may not be suited to living with other pets because they have a strong prey drive, herding them into enclosed spaces.

You can train them to get rid of the herding instincts. A professional dog handler and trainer can help you with this.

They should also be properly exposed to the outside world and other people so that they can learn to positive responses to them.

Breed origin

Not much is known about the history of the Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix. The first person who bred this dog is not documented.

All that is known is that the designer dog trend has been getting popular for the last 20 years.

To get a better insight into the origin of the Border Aussie we have to look at the history of both the parents’ breeds.

History of the Australian Shepherd

The History of the Australian shepherd is not as clear as we might like it to be.

Australian Shepherds were first seen in American Ranches in the 1840s despite their name.

The name Australian comes from the first stock that was used in the breeding of this dog that went to America via Australia.

The breed was initially called by many names that included;

  • Spanish Shepherd
  • Pastor Dog
  • Bob-Tail
  • New Mexican Shepherd
  • California Shepherd
  • Austrian Shepherd.

It is believed by some that the breed has Basque origins in Spain and was used there by shepherds. This is even though they are believed to have first been seen in the US.

Those shepherds might then have emigrated to the West Coast of the United States via Australia.

The Australian Shepherd was a particularly tireless sheepherder in the Rocky Mountains.

That is because it is relatively unaffected by altitude. A theory suggests that they were named for the imported sheep that they herded.

The qualities traits of the Aussie that we know and love today come directly from the need for those traits on working dogs.

He is one of the most favorite dogs for ranch workers because he has a superb working drive and incredible herding skills.

They have other Aussie mixes that have appeared because of these traits.


Other Australian shepherd mixes

  • When you cross a Boston Terrier with an Australian Shepherd you get an incredible hybrid that is also known as a Bossie.
  • The Labrador and Australian Shepherd mix is another Australian Shepherd mix that is growing in popularity. He is also known as an Aussiedor.
  • A texas Heeler is an incredible cross between an Australian Cattle dog and an Australian Shepherd.
  • when you mix the genes of a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd you get an incredible hybrid dog that is known as Aussiedoodle.
  • The Australian Shepherd Husky mix

A brief history of the Border Collie

Border Collies originated from England in a place that is known as Northumberland which is in the Border of England and Scotland.

They were bred mainly for herding livestock and would herd sheep all by themselves.

During the British invasion by the Romans, people brought dogs alongside food and other goods.

Vikings and Roman dogs were crossed to get a dog that would be suited for the hilly and rocky landscape and it is here that the Border Collie came to existence.

Border Collies are believed to have originated from the Old Hemp a tri-color dog that was bred by Adam Telfer.

Old  Hemps were often used by shepherds as he was well known as the best herding dog around.

The name Border Collie came from the fact that they were bred in a place that was at the Anglo Scottish border.

Collie is a Scottish Gaelic for “Sheepdog”.

The dog was named to separate the dog from already existing Collies.

This dog was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1995.

Border Collie is also ranked as the smartest dog in the world.

They can easily and quickly pick up commands which means that they also get bored easily.


Other Border Collie mixes

  • When you blend a Border Collie and a Shetland Sheepdog you get a long-haired lass known as the Borderland.
  • Border Schnollie is a cross between a Schnauzer and a Border Collie.
  • Borgie is a combination between a Corgi and a border collie.
  • The Dobie has both the genes of a Doberman and a Border Collie.
  • A German Shepherd and Border Collie mix are also known as the Shollie.

Frequently asked questions

How big do the Border Collie and Australian shepherds get?

As stated earlier it can be hard to predict the exact size that your four-legged friend is going to have when he or she reaches adulthood. But in general, you should expect the height to be around 19 to 23 inched for the males and 18 to 21 inches for the females. The weight of this mix can be anywhere between 35 to 65 pounds for the males and 30 to 50 pounds for the females.

Does the Border Aussie shed?

Yes, the Border Australian Shepherd does shed throughout the year. He also blows out his coat two times every year in spring and fall. You will need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner when getting ready for these two heavy shedding seasons.

What is the lifespan of the Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix?

This dog can live for about 13 to 17 years depending on how healthy he is.



Border Collies have litters of between 4 to 8 pups while Australian Shepherds have about 6 to 9 puppies.

As a result, the average litter size of a Border Aussie can be anywhere between 4 to 9 pups.

You should expect these puppies to reach full maturity after about 12 to 15 months.

One single puppy could cost you around $1000. But this will depend on your breeder and your location.

If you are looking for a cheaper option adoption might be your best bet.

There are various places where you can adopt a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix:

  • Hope for Paws
  • American Dog Rescue Foundation
  • Best Friends Animal Society

Grooming an Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix

When you are getting this dog you should be prepared for the regular grooming that he comes with.

Weekly brushing of the dense double-coat will keep it looking shiny by distributing oils throughout the coat.

It will also prevent matting and keep the coat healthy. You should brush the coat more often during the shedding season.

A slicker brush will b best suited for this and will loosen all the hair in the undercoat.

The hair around the feet and the ears should also be trimmed once in a while.

You should also remember to clean and check the ears for any infections.

Visiting a groomer once every two months will help with most of the processes that you cant do by yourself.

When the nails start becoming too long you should trim them to ensure that the dog does not get uncomfortable.

Another thing that you should do to keep your doggo healthy is brushing his teeth. This gets rid of bad breath and prevent the build-up of tartar. Using chewable dental toys could be a great way to clean the Border Ausie’s teeth.


How much does the Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix eat?

This is not a picky eater and will gladly eat what you feed him be it dry or wet food.

You just have to make sure that his nutritional requirements are met and he gets enough to eat.

These are working dogs and therefore their meals should be high in proteins and they will need more calories.

The general rule of thumb to make sure that his calorie requirements are met is by giving the dog 30 calories for every pound that he weighs.

This will be an average of around 1200 calories a day for this Border Collie mix. A working dog will require about 300 more calories that a home companion.

But whatever food choice you make you must be sure that it has enough fats, proteins, mineral salts, and vitamins. These are all important nutrients when you are looking to have a healthy dog.

Exercise requirements

About 90 minutes of exercise in a day will be enough for the Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd mix.

You have to make sure that they burn off the energy they have in exercise and play or they may use it to do mischief.

This is not a pooch to lay on the couch all day, cuddle and watch tv all day with you.

Take him for daily walks, go swimming with him or you can even go for dock diving games with him. You might even find something that he is very good at and he could bring all the trophies from the competitions home.

However, every time you are taking him out whether it is for a walk or a jog you should make sure that he is on a leash. You can never be 100% sure that he will come to you when you recall him.

Exercise will not only be beneficial for the Border Aussie but also for you as the dog owner.

Mental stimulation is also important considering how intelligent this doggie is. Give your dog new challenges and puzzles that he needs to overcome and you will both have fun in the process.

Border Aussie puppy

Training a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix

Being highly intelligent and eager to please training this dog should not be a difficult task.

You would not expect this dog to be any less intelligent considering that one of his parents is a Border Collie. Border Collies are ranked as the most intelligent dogs in the world.

The Border Collie and Australian Shepherd can pick up as many tricks and commands as you can imagine.

You just have to make sure that you approach training in the best possible way.

Reward-based training a positive reinforcement works best on this mix. Punishment should never be used when you are training any doggo as it turns out to be more problematic. It could lead to your dog becoming anxious or even aggressive as he tries to defend himself.

When you handle training correctly you should get a dog that is well rounded and well behaved.

Socialization is also an important part of the training that should not be overlooked.

Make sure that they are introduced to a wide range of people, animals, and environments. By doing this they can get new experiences.

aAustralian-shepherd-border-collie-mix dog

Some of the health concerns

Collie eye anomaly is a condition that this hybrid is prone to and one that can be inherited from the parents.

Improper eye development is what causes this condition and could even lead to blindness. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition but the test should be carried out before breeding.

This mix is also prone to another eye condition that is known as progressive retinal atrophy.

Hip and elbow dysplasia are also common in this dog. They are caused by the improper formation of the joints and could lead to arthritis, lameness, and cause a lot of pain to your dog. It can be treated through medication and therapy and in severe cases trough surgery.

Border Collies are also prone to suffering from deafness, a condition that could be inherited by this mix. There is also no cure for this health issue.

Breed summary

As we have seen in this article the Australian Shepherd Border Collie is nothing less than a bundle of love.

He makes a great medium-sized companion and family pet. Their loyalty and intelligence every makes it better.

This is a dog that is gaining popularity among dog lovers because of all his good quality traits.

When you are getting this dog you should be prepared to make sure that he is well taken care of. Constant mental and physical stimulation are very important.

Does this mixed dog tickle your fancy and he is one you would like to add as a member of your family?

Give us your feedback and comment in the comment section below.

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