Miniature Husky – The definitive breed guide

The Miniature Husky is a dog that can win the heart of any dog lover easily.

This is a smaller sized version of the already popular Siberian Husky. He was bred for the people that cannot accommodate the large size of the Husky and is more manageable.

These cute and adorable doggos have a similar temperament to the of the Standard Husky but fitting for a smaller space and apartment living.

Most people might avoid going for the large Husky due to his high exercise needs but what does the Mini Husky have to offer.

Let us learn more about this adorable doggo together.
small siberian husky

About the Miniature Husky

Most people may confuse the Miniature Husky with the Alaskan Klee Kai because they have very similar looks. These are two different dog breeds.

A Miniature Siberian Husky is a dog that will melt the heart of any dog with his fluffy, cute, and friendly adorable looks.

There are several ways a mini Husky can be created;

  • Introducing dwarfism genes in a Standard-sized Siberian Husky.
  • Smaller dog breeds are crossbred with the Siberian Husky to make them smaller and manageable. This is the same method that was used in the creation of the Miniature German Shepherd.
  • Breeding runts together. Runts are the smaller puppies that are found in a litter.

These Mini balls of fluffs were created using the third method on the list. This is thanks to a breeder known as Bree Normandin.

In the process, this dog was made 42% smaller than the standard pooches.

Although technically Huskies are working dogs these mini-sized dogs are more of companion doggos. However, they still have the same energy and intelligence and still require you to meet some of their needs.

They are still as loud and stubborn just like their larger cousins. You will need to know how to deal with their strong-willingness and how independent they are.

This means that this dog may not be for everyone because although these canine friends are small, they have big personalities and will demand a lot from the owner.


Origin of the Mini Siberian Husky

In 1990, a breeder by the name Bree Normandin created the Miniature Husky. He wanted to develop a smaller and compact version of the now Siberian Husky who is a popular sled dog.

The way he would do this was my selective breeding of runt Siberian Huskies. It is the same method that is used to breed these dogs even to date.

This would produce Mini Huskies that dog lovers could handle easily but still retaining the same energy and temperament that their standard-sized counterpart has.

So, now that we know where the Mini Husky came from, what is the origin of the Siberian Husky as a whole. 

Siberian Husky Origin

Just like the name suggests this wolf-like dog originated from Siberia.

It is believed that they were bred thousands of years ago by the Chukchi people. These people wanted a sled dog that was lighter and faster.

This breed first appeared in the US around 12000 years ago and people quickly fell in love with them.

Today, the Siberian Husky is known for being independent but with a nice demeanor and is energetic.

The popularity of these pooches increased a lot thanks to them appearing in films like Snowdogs and Sled dogs.

However, their popularity almost tanked because of breeders that were breeding them with lots of health problems. This was because of their high demand and some people backyard breeders wanted to take advantage and make money from the situation.


The Mini Husky is not recognized by any of the major kennel clubs.

And even the standard Husky that appeared around 12000 years ago, he was recognized until the year 1930 when the American Kennel Club registered them.

He ranks as the 12th most popular dog according to the AKC.

Mini siberian husky

Pros and cons of the Mini Siberian Husky


These pup-sized are very playful.

They are highly intelligent.

Mini-Husks are well-tempered and friendly pooches.

They are great pets for active owners.


They are very vocal.

Their double-coats make them shed a lot.

They are prone to being destructive from time to time.

These doggos have a strong prey drive and like to chase other small animals.

Miniature Huskies are known to be master escape artists.

Facts about the Mini Husky

  1. These dogs are known for being good at planning and executing escape plans.
  2. They are very local but they do not bark but rather howl.
  3. These adorable doggies have almond-shaped eyes that allow them to squint keeping snow off their eyes.
  4. They are one of the few dog breeds that have piercing and incredible blue eyes.
  5. Huskies are highly adapted for living in cold climate areas because of their double which protects them. They cannot withstand very high temperatures.

General Characteristics and appearance of the Miniature Husky

Miniature Husky summary table
Height These dogs stand between 13 to 17 inches tall
Weight 25 to 35 pounds
Lifespan 12 to 14 years depending on their health
Breed Type working-dog
Purpose Working and companion dogs
Suitable For Active families and experienced dog owners
Grooming requirements moderate to high
Color Variations White, Red, Brown, sable, Black and white, Copper and white and white and gray
Health concerns Progressive retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism, hip and elbow dysplasia
Temperament intelligent, loyal, friendly, Energetic, Playful and dominant
coat thick double coats suited for cold climates


Although this dog looks like the Siberian Husky he is 42% smaller.

Male Mini-Huskies are 14-17 inches tall and weigh between 25 to 35 pounds while their female counterparts are 13 to 16 inches and weigh 20 to 30 pounds.

This is compared to the Standard Siberian Husky which could weigh as much as 60 pounds.

The smaller size is commonly associated with fewer expenses and work.

Physical appearance

One of the most distinctive features of the Miniature Husky is the cute looks and smaller bodies. However, the wolf-like appearance still stands.

They also have piercing blue almond-shaped eyes that will melt your heart but in other cases, they may be brown or multicolored.

Heterochromia is also prevalent in these dogs and it where a pooch has different colored eyes.

This dog’s ears are erect and they have brush tails.


Coat appearance

The Miniature Husky is a ball of fluff.

And just like the Standard Siberian Husky, these doggos have medium-length double coats. The undercoat is dense and soft while the outercoat is straight that helps them thrive in the cold regions.

Some of the coat colors are;

  • Copper and white
  • Pure white
  • Gray and white
  • Black and white
  • Brown and sable
  • Red

Unfortunately, these coats shed all years round and blow out twice every year in fall and spring. You will need regular brushing to minimize shedding.

This also means that these canines are not hypoallergenic.

Mini Siberian Husky temperament and personality traits

Traits Rating
exercise needs
Ease of care

The normal-sized pedigree has the same temperament and personality traits as the mini Siberian Husky because the have the same genetic makeup.

One of the most notable traits of this furry friend is being sassy and independent.

The perfect way to describe this pooch is that they are very playful, loving, dominant, and extremely loyal. They are also protective of the people that they love.

Most dogs thrive on human attention and the Miniature Husky is not different. There is nothing that they would love more than cuddles and affection from you making them the perfect companion if you can meet their needs.

However, this does not mean that you can depend on this doggo as your lapdog as they cannot spend the entire day on the sofa. They still have physical stimulation needs.

And as you may have expected these dogs are not qualified to be guard dogs. One of the reasons for this is their small size and they also do not bark.

Is the Mini Siberian Husky a good family dog?

The Miniature Husky is a family dog extraordinaire.

They are extremely playful and at least you do not have to be the one playing with the children all the time.  And they have loads of energy to vent on playing.

However, they still cause trouble but weirdly why we love them so much.

When you do not home make sure that the place you leave them is well fenced and secured sot that they can’t find a chance to escape.

All in all, with early training and socialization you are bound to have a well behaved Miniature Husky in your hands.


Frequently asked questions

What is a Miniature Husky?

A miniature Husky is a normal Husky whose size has been scaled down through selective breeding to make them more compact and manageable. He is a small Husky for the dog lovers that cannot handle a large-sized Husky. These mini dogs are not recognized by any major kennel club.

Do mini-Huskies shed a lot? 

Miniature Huskies will blow out their coats twice every year and still shed all year round.

How long do Miniature Huskies live?

Mini Huskies have a lifespan of between 11 to 14 years depending on how healthy they are and how you take care of them.

Miniature Husky puppies

If you do not want your heart stolen just don’t look at a Mini Husky because these fluffy creatures are extremely adorable. No one can resist their good looks.

However, they are much smaller that then the Standard Husky puppies but they do not differ greatly.

To get one of these puppies you will have to pay anywhere between $700 to $2500 which is a great difference. But the cost will ultimately come down to the location where you get the puppy and the breeder.

You must make sure that the puppy you are getting is from a responsible and reputable breeder to avoid future health issues.


Breeding of Mini Husky puppies

3 ways can be used in the breeding of a Miniature Husky.

Let us look at each one of them in more detail. 

Introducing the Dwarfism gene

This is also known as achondroplasia and it is where the gene that is responsible for dwarfism is introduced.

Due to genetic mutation, dwarfism can also arise naturally but it is also linked to some health complications, for instance, intervertebral disc disease.

Crossbreeding with smaller breeds

This is where a standard size Siberian Husky is mixed with a smaller dog breed and in the process, the offspring is smaller.

However, if you decide to go for this method of breeding the Mini Husky produced cannot be fully Husky. The puppy could inherit more genes from the other breed and make him more like the other breed but it could also go the other way round.

Breeding of runts

Runts are the smallest dogs that are in a litter and they can be repeatedly bred to give Mini Husky offsprings.

And just like in dwarfism, doing this could also bring similar health issues. This is not to say that most of them do not grow up to be healthy dogs because while some may develop complications some also grow to be very healthy pooches.

Some of the common health issues are dystocia, breathing problems, and even ocular disease.

Also, this method of breeding is surrounded by a lot of controversies which is a problem by itself.

Mini Siberian Husky shedding and grooming

Grooming is very essential for any pooch and is the responsibility of the dog owner.

But you should also note that these dogs love to self-groom and do not like being dirty but you still have a large part to play.

These canines shed throughout the year and you will be required to brush their coat regularly to get rid of loose hair and in the process minimize the amount of hair that is being shed.

Preferably they should be brushed at least 3 times in a week and daily during the onset of Fall and Spring.

Also, bathing them should be done once in 2 months unless they find a way to escape and play in the mud.

You should also make sure that you brush their teeth, take care of the nails, and clean their ears.


Diet requirements of a Miniature Husky

This is an active dog and his genetics do not differ from the large Siberian Husky. What I am trying to say is that contrary to what most people may have you believe this pooch should be fed on a diet similar to that of their standard cousins.

The diet should be of high quality and be high on proteins and fats.

Whether you decide to feed your dog in a raw diet, high-quality kibble or any other kind of wet that is a choice that you have to make with the help of your vet.

You should always make sure that you consult your vet any time you decide to change your dog diet or introduce a new food.

Daily calories Cups of Kibble Per Day:
1100 2

Exercise requirements

Miniature Huskies require plenty of both physical and mental stimulation with upward of 60 minutes in daily exercise.

  • Daily walks: 2
  • Total exercise minutes: 75

Meeting the exercise requirements of this dog is equal to them being happy. You can do this using daily walks, going for, or even playing in the yard.

However, you should always make sure that you leash this doggo during walks and also make sure that is you have a yard it is well fenced.

Come up with a routine that is flexible for you and one that can make sure that your pup is physically stimulated and mentally fit.

Training a Miniature Husky

Because the Huskies are highly intelligent they easily grasp new tricks and commands but this does not make them easy to train either.

They are known to be free-thinkers and can have a stubborn streak which may make training them a bit more challenging than what you may expect.

Starting training when they are still young will work best but you will need to come up with a schedule and make the training sessions interesting to keep the pup focused. Finding creative ways to train your puppy always works the best.

Dogs learn by the consequences of their behaviors and that is why positive reinforcement and reward-based training are the best training methods.

You will need to be consistent with your training and also be patient because it can be very frustrating to train a mini Husky. Keep the sessions short because this doggo could easily get bored and find something more interesting.

small siberian husky

Can a miniature Siberian Husky live in a hot area?

A question that most people ask before deciding to get this adorable pooch is if he can survive in hot climate areas.

This dog may have been bred to work in cold regions but can still live in hotter areas.

You just have to make sure that you keep him hydrated by making sure that he always has water at his disposal. An indoor inflatable pool can also help to cool them off after they go for a walk.

You should not think of clipping the coat as a way of cooling them because it also protects them from the sun.

Known health issues

Generally, all Siberian Huskies are relatively healthy but they can also suffer from some health problems.

Hypothyroidism is common in these doggos and is characterized by the reduction of thyroid glands functions. This leads to under secretion of thyroid hormones which ultimately lead to more health complications.

Progressive retinal atrophy is another health problem that can occur in these dogs due to the degeneration of the retina which may cause the loss of vision. This condition occurs more in males.

Hip and elbow dysplasia are also prevalent in these pooches.

Miniature Husky Breed summary

We have seen that the Miniature Husky is a more compact and manageable version of the standard Siberian Husky that was bred for people that cannot handle the large size of the Husky.

This is if you can meet the exercise requirements that he has and if you can do so you will get a lot of love and affection from this pooch.

Do not let their small size because they are capable of more then many people may think and can become your favorite companion pet.

What are your thoughts on this dog? Give us your feedback in the comment section below. 

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