Pekingese Poodle mix- The “COMPLETE” Peekapoo guide

The Pekingese Poodle mix also commonly known as the Peekapoo is a striking cross that combines the qualities of the affectionate and friendly Pekingese with the hypoallergenic and smart Poodle. Either a Toy or Miniature Poodle can be used in the creation of this cross. 

Combining these 2 dogs creates a low-shedding and intelligent designer dog.

This dog is also known by other names such as;

  • Pekepoo
  • Pekapoo
  • Peke-A-Poo

In this guide, we are going to look at what you should expect from this adorable and super cute dog before making a purchase.

From “his looks” to “his temperament” to “finding a puppy” and more we got you covered in this complete Peekapoo guide.

So, why don’t we get right into it?

Pekingese Poodle mix

About the Pekingese Poodle mix 

This adorable teddy bear dog has been around for over 50 years now which makes him one of the oldest crossbreeds. He is intelligent, loveable, affectionate, playful and to top, it all has a hypoallergenic coat.

Standard Poodles cannot be used in the creation of this mixed dog. Only the Miniature or Toy Poodles are used. 

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This is mainly because of the size difference between the Standard Poodle and the Pekingese breeds.

Both the Poodle and Pekingese are equally impressive dogs with a lot of quality between them.

The Pekingese is a small dog breed with a personality that makes up for his body size. On the other hand, Poodles are known for being loving and loyal dogs that are somewhat laid back.

With that said, it is worth mentioning that the Pekingese Poodle mix you get could be a perfect blend of both parents or be more like one parent than the other.

However, no matter which dog this mixed breed takes more of you should be lest assured that he will be a charming and even-tempered dog.

Pekapoo origin and history 

We would not be doing this mixed dog justice if we did not look into his history. 

The Pekingese Poodle mix is one of the oldest Doodles and has been around since the 1950s.

This is almost the same time the Labradoodle was created.

After being bred in the 1950s, the Peekapoo started gaining traction and by the 1960s he had already started getting popular among dog lovers.

And just like most of the teddy bear Doodles, this pooch was bred to be a companion for allergy sufferers. But this only happens if the Peke-A-Poo inherits the Poodle’s coat.

This dog is not recognized by any of the major Kennel Clubs but is registered by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

To get a better understanding of this mixed dog we should look at a brief history of both parents.

The French Water Dog (Poodle) history

poodle mixes

Contrary to popular belief, Poodles did not originate from France but rather from Germany. This is despite being associated with France a lot.

Bred to collected waterfowls for hunters, these dogs are extremely energetic and intelligent.

Their initial role made them very good swimmers with low shedding water-resistant coats that were friendly to people that were prone to dog-related allergies.

Poodles come in three main sizes and that is the Standard, Miniature, and Toy sizes. The Toy and Mini Poodles are the ones used in the creation of the Pekingese Poodle mix.

These dogs are extremely active and love swimming, which should not come as a surprise due to his historical role.

Other Poodle mixes

  • The German Shepherd Poodle mix is a popular doodle that is also known as the Shepadoodle.
  • Mixing a Purebred Poodles with a Bernese Mountain dog will give you a big teddy bear known as the Berne doodle.
  • Cockapoo is the mix between a Poodles and Cocker Spaniel.
  • Golden Doodle is a perfect blend between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.

The Chinese Pekingese brief history

Pekingese mixes

This dog is also known as Peke hence the mixed name Peke-A-Poo.

And just as the heading suggests, this dog originated from China and was mainly used as a companion for the royalty in imperial China.

They were also commonly found in Buddhist monasteries.

These dogs can be aloof to strangers and may have a stubborn streak which makes training them difficult. This is, however, made better by mixing with the Poodle.

The Pekingese is a brachycephalic breed due to his short muzzle and is prone to breathing difficulty.

A good summary for the Pekingese would be a small, protective, feisty, and independent companion.

Other Pekingese mixes

  • A mix between the Pekingese and the Pomeranian is known as the Peek-A-Pom.
  • Cheeks dog is what you get when you combine the genes of a Chihuahua and a Pekingese.
  • Beagle Pekingese Mix.
  • Pekingese Pug mix also known as the Puginese.

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Peekapoo pros and cons


✓ Playful and friendly

✔ Low Shedding

✓ Hypoallergenic if he inherits the Poodle’s coat.


✗ Temperature regulation issues

✘ Can be super protective is not properly socialized

✗ If he inherits the Pekingese’s coat, he will not be hypoallergenic

General Appearance and Characteristics of the Pekingese Poodle mix

Peekapoo summary table
Height 9-11 inches
Weight 8-20 pounds
Lifespan 10-15 years 
Breed Type Mixes and more
Purpose companion dog
Suitable For Adult homes
Grooming requirements High
Color Variations Black, White, Chocolate, Apricot, Merle, Buff, Red, Silver
Health concerns Breathing problems, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Trachea Collapse
Temperament Loyal, Loving, Protective, Affectionate, Playful, Energetic, and Alert
Other names Pekingese Poodle, Peke-A-Poo, Pekepoo

Height and weight

The Pekingese Poodles is known as a small mixed dog breed.

This designer dog stands between 9 and 11 inches and weighs between 8 and 20 pounds when fully grown.

However, the size will greatly depend on the size of both parents and the most dominant parent.

Physical appearance

There is no standard for the Pekingese Poodle mix and therefore predicting the exact appearance of the pup you get can be difficult.

But by looking at both of the parents, you can make an educated guess.

Most of the Peekapoo will don the Poodles body appearance (well-proportioned) with additional Pekingese features.

The dog will most likely have a short muzzle with a black or brown nose.

Most Peke-A-Poos have low-set ears with feathery ends and amber or brown eyes.

The tails are usually medium-length and fluffy.

Black Pekingese Poodle mix

Coat appearance and shedding

The Peekapoo is a single-coated dog whose coat is extremely soft to touch like wool and can be medium to long.

This coat can either be wavy or curly.

The curly coat is preferred as it is non-shedding to low-shedding. This coat type also traps dander and this is what makes this dog hypoallergenic.

Pekingese Poodle mix Colors

The Pekingese Poodle mix can come in a wide variety of colors and color combinations.

These colors include the following;

Chocolate Black White
Silver Grey Cream
Red Sable Apricot
Buff White with brindle patches White with black patches

These are just some of the colors and color combinations that you can see in a Peekapoo.

Color does not affect other qualities that this dog has and if you are looking for a specific color in your pup, you may have to wait longer to get him.

Is the Peekapoo hypoallergenic?

Most allergy sufferers may be tolerant of the Pekingese Poodle mix.

However, this is not always the case. Poodles are known for their hypoallergenic coats and this means that your Peekapoo will only be allergy-friendly if he inherits the Poodle’s coat.

Peekapoos with the Poodle’s coat shed less and the dog dander remains trapped in the coat. He also rarely has a doggie odor, unless he has a skin infection or is dirty.

In the case where he inherits the Pekingese coat, he will not be hypoallergenic.

This only applies to dog lovers who are allergic to dog dander.

If you are allergic to dog saliva, I am sorry to say that the hypoallergenic qualities will not apply to you.

Temperament and personality traits of the Pekingese Poodle mix

Traits Rating
exercise needs
Ease of care

This dog may be small but he makes up for that with his big personality.

Generally affectionate and gentle, there is nothing that the Peekapoo loves more than being next to his owner.

He is also very alert of his owner and family in general, a trait that he gets from his Pekingese parent. If anything is amiss or out of place this mixed dog will let you know.

With that said, it is worth noting that these dogs can be aloof around strangers and they are not very keen on making new friends unless there is a tasty treat involved. For this reason, you must train this dog early and consistently.

And although he may take a while to warm up to strangers, he should not be aggressive.

Overall, the Pekingese Poodle mix is a friendly, outgoing, and cuddly lapdog. He can be more like his Poodle parent or more like his Pekingese parent.

Is the Pee-A-Poo a good family dog?

The Pekingese Poodle mix is a great family dog that is more suited for homes with older children.

He can be snappy and does not tolerate rough play and, in the process, may inadvertently hurt small children who are prone to rough play.

This canine friend is also better suited for homes with pets bigger than him such as bigger dogs.

Peekapoos can be distrusting of smaller animals but if they are raised together this is not always the case.


Frequently asked questions

Do Peekapoo dogs bark a lot?

The Peekapoo is an alert and protective dog that barks a lot at moving objects or when they spot something strange. These dogs also tend to bark when they are bored or when they are left alone for extended periods.

What is the life expectancy of a Peekapoo?

The Peekapoo has an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. This life expectancy can vary depending on how healthy the dog is and his body size. Smaller Peekapoos tend to live longer than bigger ones and the same case applies to healthier Peekapoos.

What is an F1 Peekapoo?

An F1 Peekapoo is the first generation of purebred Poodle and a purebred Pekingese. Breeding of two Peekapoos (F2 Peekapoos) is not common but you can have a backcross between a Peekapoo and Poodle which is aimed at making the dog more hypoallergenic.

Pekingese Poodle mix puppies

Litter size:

The Peekapoo litter size is made up of between 2 and 6 puppies.

Either the Poodle or the Pekingese can be the sire or the dam. But in the case where the Miniature Poodle is used in breeding, it is recommended she is used as the dam (mother).

These puppies take between 12 and 18 months to reach their full size but may take up to 3 years to settle down.


How much does a Peekapoo cost?

A Pekingese Poodle mix puppy will cost anywhere between $500 and $2000 depending on your location and the breeder.

There are other costs that you need to consider such as medical expenses which can range between $400 and $600 annually and other expenses that may range between $1500 and $2000 annually.

Other expenses include the cost of;

  • Feeding the dog
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Grooming costs
  • Potty accessories
  • Cooling pads
  • Doggie beds and so on

The good thing is that once you buy some of these doggie accessories, you will not have to buy them again for a long time.

The medical cost will make up for the bigger portion of the overall care cost.

For the first year, Peekapoos will need to be vaccinated several times and other people may decide to get health insurance for the puppies. These costs may not seem like much but when you add them up, they will make up for a significant amount.

You should consider all these expenses before you decide to get a Peke-A-Poo.

Finding a Peekapoo puppy

When it comes to buying a Pekingese Poodle mix puppy, finding a reputable breeder is the most important thing you can do.

A reputable and certified breeder will provide you with all the essential information and advice about the dog.

Meet both the parents and spend some time with them.

He or she should also have the medical history of both parents for you to ensure that you are not buying a puppy from parents that had genetic health conditions.

One of the most effective ways of finding such breeders is by talking to other Peekapoo owners in social media groups, online forums, people in the dog park that own this dog, or even your veterinarian.

You can also check around your local dog shelters and rescues for these dogs. You may be lucky enough to find a Pekingese Poodle mix that is right for you.

How to groom a Peke-A-Poo

The Pekingese Poodle mix is a high-maintenance dog.

Although he is not much of a shedder, he will need frequent brushing to keep his coat free of tangles and mats. Hard mats can make the dog uncomfortable and in other instances, are painful for the pooch.

Regular brushing will also help to distribute essential oils in the coat which makes it shinier.

Peekapoos coats can grow long which can make maintaining them difficult.

You may be required to make sure that the coat is trimmed to a more manageable length after every 3 months.

The nails should also be checked regularly to keep them short, especially if your pooch runs around a lot.

Dental and ear care are also important when it comes to taking care of a Pekingese Poo.

Exercise requirements

This little pooch is super energetic thanks to his Poodle ancestry.

He will need daily exercise for both mental and physical stimulation which will amount to about 60 minutes.

Number of walks 2(30 minutes each)
Exercise needs 60 minutes

However, when he is still a pup, you should exercise him for 5 minutes per month. So, if your puppy is 5 months old exercise him for only 25 minutes daily.

This 5-minutes rule will go on till the dog is about 12 months old.

Over-exercising this dog could be damaging to his joint and skeleton.

This dog may be prone to overheating and you should, therefore, avoid exercising him when it is hot.

If you are stuck indoors, here are some great indoor dog exercise ideas for you.


How to feed a Pekingese Poodle mix

This dog should be fed on a high-quality protein-rich diet.

He is a high-energy dog and will need calories that can meet his energy needs.

A general rule of thumb is to give the pooch 30 calories for every pound that he weighs. His activity level and metabolism will also affect his calorie needs.

The meals should be divided into 3 portions a day.

Pekingese Poodle Daily Food Consumption
Calories 400 to 1100
Cups of Kibble 🍗🍗

How to train a Peekapoo

This dog is intelligent but he can be independent and even stubborn which makes training more of a challenge.

Use reward-based training and positive reinforcement to get around this and to see tangible results.

Never use punishment as a training method but just ignore unwanted behaviors and rewards the dog every time he does something positive.

Known health issues

The Pekingese Poodle mix is a generally healthy dog that may also be susceptible to several health issues.

Some of the most common health problems are;

  • Brachycephalic airway syndrome causes abnormalities in the dog airways which in turn leads to breathing difficulties.
  • Trachea collapse
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Von Willebrand’s disease

Peekapoo breed summary

The Pekingese Poodle mix is a small mixed dog breed with a gorgeous appearance and big personality.

These dogs love to cuddle which makes them perfect lap dogs.

They are also popular for being allergy-friendly but this may not always be the case if the dog inherits the Pekingese’s coat.

And although this is a small designer dog, he is very energetic and you may just be surprised at the number of things that this canine can do.

He is a great dog for adults only homes or homes with older children.

So, is this would you add the Peekapoo as your next canine friend.

Share your feedback, thoughts, and any questions that you may have about this dog in the comment section below.

There you go, WOOF!

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