Pomeranian Husky Mix – The Pomsky reviewed (size, price, more)


The Pomeranian Husky mix is a designer dog cross between a Purebred Husky and a Purebred Pomeranian also known as “Pomsky.” This Pomsky mix is a small-sized dog with a height of 10 to 15 inches and weighs 15 to 30 pounds. 

He is a fairly new crossbreed that is slowly becoming popular among dog lovers. The main reason for the growing popularity of this dog is his cute looks.

And of all the hybrid dogs that I have come across Pomsky is one of the cutest and most impressive.

If you are a dog lover you have probably heard of the name “Pomsky” but never really knew what he was and what he has to offer.

You may also love learning about the Alaskan Klee Kai.

Well, if that is the case then you have come to the right place.

Here we are going to cover all the important details that entail the Husky and Pomeranian mix some of which might just surprise you.

So, stay with us as cover all that you need to know about this stunning dog step by step.


Let us get right into it. 

About the Pomeranian husky mix

The Pomeranian Husky mix is a mix between a Siberian husky and a Pomeranian which are both smart and energetic dogs.

One thing that makes the Pomsky so impressive is the number of patterns and colors that he has and not forgetting the striking blue eyes.

This adorable pooch is also very good with children and makes a very good companion for the whole family.

These are some of the traits that he gets from the parent breeds and which we will get deeper into later in this article.

Pomeranians were once large dog breeds and have now become one of the smallest and cutest on the planet. This is also an active dog.

Meanwhile, the Siberian husky is a working dog that we can say is all rounded. He still has the good to him too although he can independent.

It is hard not to see why these two dogs were bred together.

Breed recognition

Because the Pomsky is a fairly new dog breed and not a purebred dog the American Kennel Club does not recognize this dog.

There are also no breed standards on this pooch and thus this dog is not likely to be recognized by any of the major Kennel Clubs.

However, there are a few clubs that have registered this hybrid.

  • The international Pomsky association.
  • Pomsky Club of America
  • The dog registry of America.

Husky and Pomeranian Mix

The general appearance and characteristics of the Pomeranian Husky

Pomeranian Husky mix summary table
Height Ranges from 10-15 inches tall at the shoulders
Weight 15 to 30 pounds depending on the genes of the dominant parent
Lifespan 13 to 15 years especially when in good health
Breed Type mixes and more
Purpose Companion dog
Suitable For They are best suited for families and first-time dog owners
Grooming requirements May require moderate grooming
Color Variations white, black, brown, tan, orange, red, merle, cream and blue
Health concerns epilepsy, collapsed trachea, eye problems, allergies, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation
Temperament intelligent, eager-to-please, loyal, active, energetic, playful, trainable, affectionate and confident
Other Names also known as a Pomsky

How big does the Pomsky mix get?

The Husky Pomeranian mix is a small dog but the size will depend on which of the parent breeds genes will be more dominant.

If the mix is Huskier than he is Pomeranian he will be bigger than when the Pomeranian genes are dominant.

These dogs usually have a height that could range anywhere from 10 to 15 inches and the weight is usually between 15 to 30 pounds for the standard size.

The reason there is such a huge difference in the possible sizes of the dog is because of how different the two dogs are in terms of weight and height.

There may be the exception of the teacup Pomeranian Husky mix which is much smaller. These teacup dogs have a height of 7 to 10 inches and could weigh anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds.

Teacup Pomskies may be prone to health issues and are fragile due to their extremely small size.

A miniature Pomsky usually weighs between 9 to 18 pounds and has a height that does not exceed 15 inches.

You can predict how big your new furry friend will be by looking at the size of the parents.

Because of their size difference, the Husky is the one that is used as the dam(mother) while the Pomeranian is used as the sire(father).

The Physical Appearance

Pomskies look more like smaller and cuter wolf versions and it is this unique look that is making people fall in love with this doggo.

Pomeranian Huskies have a range of different looks to them which makes setting breed standards difficult. Just as you have seen with the size of these dogs.

You could easily have one puppy look very different from the rest even if they are from the same litter.

Their facial appearance is more like that of a Husky with a Pomeranian stature.

With all these said this dog is still incredibly adorable.

Some Pomskies may inherit the huskies muzzle and head while others may inherit the Pomeranian’s long and pointy nose.

Other Husky Pomeranians may have heterochromia which means that they may have eyes that are of different colors.

But mostly the eyes are almond-shaped and can have either green, amber, blue or brown colors.

The tail is usually curved with pointy ears.


Coat appearance and shedding

Both the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky have double-coats which will be inherited by the Pomsky. This coat can vary in length from medium to long.

The outer coat may be fluffy like that of a pomeranian or smooth and silky like that of a Siberian Husky and a dense undercoat.

This means that you should expect the dog to shed moderately throughout the year. You should consider if you are ready to deal with the shedding before getting this dog.


Just like the color of the eyes the coat color could also vary greatly. They also come in a variety of patterns.

Some of the colors are;

  • Merle- this is a color combination in dogs with a solid base color and lighter patches.
  • Cream
  • Brindle- this may also be described as “tiger-striped’ but is more subtle.
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange- just imagine having an orange Pomsky.
  • Tan
  • White
  • Cream
  • Brown

Pomeranian Husky mix variations

When a Pomsky is bred from a purebred Siberian Husky and purebred you get a first-generation Husky Pomeranian.

This generation is also known as an F1 Pomsky and is 50-50 of both parents. These Siberian Pomeranians are the most common.

There are also other generations of Pomskies. You might be wondering what this means but I will explain.

The Pomeranian Husky mix is not only got from breeding the two purebred dogs.

This F1 generation is said to have the most vigor. The vigor slowly decreases as you go down the generations.

You can also have an F1b generation of Pomskies by breeding either a Husky or a Pomeranian with a Husky Pomeranian.

This is usually done to strengthen some of the traits in the hybrid dog.

When two Pom-Huskies genes are crossed you get another generation of dogs known as F2 Pomskies.

This can go on to an F2 backcross that is known as the F2b generation and is achieved by crossing F2 offsprings with a purebred Husky or pomeranian.

These generations can go on and on and below is a summary of that.

Purebred A x Purebred B = F1 Hybrid Dog

F1 x Purebred-A = F1b Hybrid Dog

F1 x F1 = F2 Hybrid Dog

F1b x F1 = F2b Hybrid Dog

F2 x F2 = F3 Hybrid Dog

You must know this information as it can be helpful when you are communicating with your breeder.

These generations have different appearances and traits but remain as cute.


Temperament and personality of the Pomsky

Pinpointing the exact personality of any hybrid pup may be difficult and it depends on how he is brought up.

The first thing that you should know is that the Pomeranian Husky mix is a companion dog and thrives from being in the company of the owner.

This pooch will happily follow all over the house plus they love having fun.

You should not be fooled by their small size because they make up for what they lack in size with their character.

They may be confident and independent dogs a trait that is inherited from the Siberian Husky. This means that you should take training this dog very seriously or else he will take advantage and become stubborn.

Pomeranians have strong loyalty which is then inherited by Pom-Husky.

Apart from this they also love attention and will do anything to get you to notice them even if that means barking.

This dog may not have a loud bark but it is high-pitched.

So, if you live in an area where people might consider barking a nuisance then this might be the dog for you.

You should not have issues with Pomeranian Husky’s aggression if he is well trained.

They are not afraid to defend their families despite being small in size.

Are Pomeranians Mixed with Huskies’ good family pets?

For sure this is a great family dog and you will receive nothing less than lots of love if you have this doggo in your home.

They love playing and cuddles, lots of cuddles. You are also sure to get a watchdog from a Pomsky.

They get along well with children and other pets especially if they have been brought up together.

You must make sure that you supervise their play with children to prevent them from getting hurt.

However, they may develop small dog syndrome if they are not well socialized which means that they become protective when they are around strangers.

They are very adaptable dogs that can thrive in both warm and cold weather meaning that it does not matter where you live.


Frequently asked questions

Does the Pomeranian Husky shed?

Pomeranian Husky mixes shed moderately throughout the year. They may have two major shedding seasons just like any other double-coated dog. However, Pomskies tend to shed more where the climate is warmer.

But you can deal with some level but using some of the tips that we have in out handy shedding guide.

What is the cost of buying a Pom-Husky?

The Husky and Pomeranian mix may be all cute and adorable but he has a big price tag that comes with him. If you are planning on buying a Pomsky you should be ready to cough anywhere from 1000 to 3000 US dollars. They are made expensive by how difficult it is to breed them.

Can you leave a Pomeranian Husky mix alone?

Well, it depends on how long you are going to leave them alone. They should not be left alone for long periods because they can become bored and even destructive.

How long do Husky Pomeranians live?

Pomskies have an average lifespan of between 13 to 15 years for the standard size. Both the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky are relatively healthy dogs but they cannot lack some health issues that may be inherited by the Pomsky.

History of the Pom-Husky

The Pomeranian Husky mix is a fairly new designer dog as we had mentioned earlier.

But this has not stopped him from gaining popularity all across Europe and America.

Apart from these, there is not much information that has been documented on the Pomsky.

We can, however, look at the history of his parent breeds history to gain some knowledge on them. 

Siberian Husky brief history

Huskies are the descendants of an extinct breed that was known as Taymyr Wolf that was found in North Asia.

This is according to research that was conducted recently.

There is a group of people that believe that the Siberian Husky originated from the Grey wolf.

Either way, the origin of the Siberian Husky dates back to about 8000 years ago from the Siberian Arctic.

Today they are classified as Nordic sleds by the FCI but they are also known as working dogs.

Huskies have an average lifespan of about 12 to 15 years and can weigh 60 pounds for the males and 50 pounds females.

Huskies were bred to help humans in the pulling of heavy sleds over long distances and for that reason they were required to have a lot of strength and endurance.

These dogs then gained popularity in Canada and the US and were then recognized by the American Kennel club in the 1930s.

Siberian Husky

Other Husky mixes

  • Beasky is the combination of a Husky and a Beagle.
  • Mixing up the Catahoula Leopard Dog with the Husky gives us the Catahuskla Leopy beauty.
  • The Alusky is a beautiful combination of the Husky and the Alaskan Malamute.
  • Merging the bloodlines of the Husky and the Border Collie can produce this stunning dog we like to call a Brodsky.
  • Hussetsky is a mix of a Husky and a Basset Hound.

Pomeranian brief history

It is said that the Pomeranian was bred from the Spitz dog breeds from Pomerania.

Back when they were first bred, these dogs weighed up to 30 pounds and they became very popular.

There were many famous people through history that were big fans of this dog.

These dogs were then taken to England and by then they weighed more than 20 pounds.

They were most popular among the royal family and other noble people but the same cannot be said for the public.

This changed during the era of Queen Victoria that fell in love with a Pomeranian after she saw one that weighed 12 pounds.

It is believed that this is what encouraged English breeders to breed smaller dogs.

During the early 20th century is when this dog was stabilized to his current weight that can range anywhere from 7 to 15 pounds.

Today, Pomeranians are very vocal dogs that are active, outgoing, and intelligent.

He is a doggo that loves being with other people and spending time with them.

The dog may tend to bark a lot but this is not something that you cannot deal with by giving the dog the right training and socializing him well.


Other Pomeranian mixes

  • Who would not love being an owner of the Bichonaranian that is a mix between the Bichon Frise and a Pomeranian?
  • When you mix the genes of a Pomeranian and a Beagle you get a super adorable mix that is known as the Pomeagle.
  • Crossing a Japanese Chin and a Pomeranian will give you a ball of fluff that is known as a Chineranian.
  • Shiranian is a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Pomeranian.
  • A beautiful blend of a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian is known as a Pomchi.

Husky and Pomeranian mix puppy

During the breeding of a Pomsky Puppy, it is common to see the Siberian Husky as the dam and the Pomeranian as a sire.

This is because it is much easier for the larger dog to carry a pup litter.

The litter size can vary from 5 to 7 puppies.

These puppies of the same litter may also vary from one puppy to another. And you should not be worried if you see any variations in a litter.

The look and size of the puppies mainly depend on the parents that they take more after.

Once you have your Pomeranian Husky mix puppy you can expect him to reach maturity within one year and be fully grown.

You should, however, know that these puppies are expensive, very expensive.

A puppy could cost you anywhere from 1000 to $3000.

You might think that this is too much but it is because of the work that goes into breeding these puppies is not easy.

Teacup Pomskies may be cheaper to buy but it is not always a good idea to buy one of these because most of them may come from puppy mills. But if you get one from a reputable breeder you should take the deal.

You also have the option of adopting this dog if you are lucky enough to find one in a dog rescue shelter.

So, how do you find a reputable breeder? 

Pomeranian Husky mix puppies

Finding a responsible and reputable breeder

Considering how expensive the Pomeranian and Husky mix is you must make sure that you get your money’s worth.

Getting any dog is a lifetime commitment and you sure do not want to waste money on a pooch that has too many health problems.

For this reason, you have to make sure that the mix that you get is from a responsible and reputable breeder.

You should never buy a puppy from a breeder that is reluctant to share the medical information about the pup’s parents.

The breeder has to show you the parent dogs’ paperwork upfront and the AKCs documentation.

If the breeder fails to provide these you should just walk away without a second thought.

He or she must also show you that they are qualified to do what they claim that they can do.

Get to know about the breeder’s history and experience breeding the same dog. Know how long he has been doing this for.

The breeder should be able to answer questions concerning the temperament of the parent breeds.

This same breeder should be able to follow up on the hybrid dog even after you have already taken the dog home.

Another great idea is to ask for referrals from your local vet and some other people that own the Husky and Pomeranian mix.

This can help you get to know the breeders that have been tried and proven to be good at what they do.

In case you see any red flags you should gladly and proudly walk away because you don’t want to be part of what promotes bad breeding practices.

Some of the red flags that you can notice before you even contact the breeder are:

  • Breeders using stock photos from the internet to promote and show their work.
  • A breeder that uses fake photos of him/herself online.
  • Breeders that do not offer traceable payment methods.

Don’t get a purebred or crossbreed dog that you do not have enough information about.

Grooming requirements

You may think that the coat of a Pomeranian and Husky mix is hard to maintain but you can keep it in the best condition by daily brushing.

This helps to remove dead hair and dander.

When the coat is well brushed you are not only able to remove tangles but also spread natural oils on the coat of the dog thus keeping it mos.

It has been proved that dogs shed more when the weather is hot so you should expect your furry friend to shed more during this season.

During this season you should brush your dog more to deal with the excessive shedding.

Bath the dog twice every month.

You should beware that bathing your dog too much will strip the coat of essential oils and minerals. This may cause the skin to dry out.

When you are bathing your Pomsky remember to use an appropriate shampoo that is formulated for dogs.

Apart from maintaining the doggo’s coat you should check and clean the dog’s ears to prevent and check for any infections.

It is also a good idea that you invest in some proper nail clippers and trim the nails once they are long enough.

If you are not comfortable grooming the pooch by yourself you should get help from a professional groomer.


Feeding your Pomeranian Husky mix

For your Pomsky to be healthy you will need to make sure that his dietary requirements are met.

By doing this you will also make him live for longer.

The best way to know how much you will need to feed your Pom-Husky is by using his weight as a guide.

So, how you go around this is by multiplying his weight in pounds by 30 calories.

Taking the average weight of the Husky and Pomeranian mix, this will be around 600 calories of food every day.

Making it simpler for you to understand this is about one and a half cups of kibble in a single day.

But remember several factors will affect how much food you give to him:

  • Size
  • Metabolism
  • Level of activity
  • Age

Consider these factors when you are buying or preparing a meal for your doggo.

Younger puppies need to feed more as they grow. This is because their metabolism is much faster than that of older dogs.

A good diet should be high on proteins and especially meat proteins. It should also have enough fats, mineral salts, and vitamins.

Fats are essential in that they provide the dog with the energy to keep him running and cuddling all day.

A good source or vitamins are fruit and vegetables.

While you are doing all these you should avoid overfeeding or free feeding him as he could become obese in the process.

Also, do not forget to keep the dog hydrated all day especially if he is super active.

Consult your vet if have any questions or problems with what you are feeding your Pomsky. In case, you notice your doggo has any form of allergy do not hesitate to visit the vet.


Exercise requirements

The Pomeranian Husky mix might be an active hybrid dog but that does not mean that he needs vigorous exercises. This is mainly because of its small size.

30 minutes of walking or playing at the backyard a day will be enough for this mixed dog.

Another reason that you need to do this is to prevent the pooch from getting bored which could lead him to become destructive.

You sure do not want him to eat your kid’s homework and your expensive shoes.

Exercise also helps to keep the dog’s weight in check preventing from becoming obese.

It is also a good time for you to bond with your cute doggo.

When you are walking this dog remember to use a leash with a harness and not a collar. Collars may exert too much pressure on the dog that could lead to tracheal collapse.

You will need to do this because the Husky mix has a strong prey drive and could run away from you at the slightest chance.

Training a Pom-Husky

The Husky and Pomeranian cross is a brilliant and smart that will easily learn new tricks and commands.

He is a pooch that is eager to please and will be happy to learn new tricks in the process.

But you have to keep in mind that he can be stubborn and independent and it is the reason that training should start when he is still a pup.

You also need to have a strong and patience to deal with the stubbornness and by the end, you will have a well-balanced dog.

The best way to go around training is through positive reinforcement and reward-based training.

When you are training the Pom-Husky you should avoid doing anything that might distract him.

Avoiding any forms of distractions will help you train this dog much faster.

Socialization is also an important part of the training. You should accomplish this by introducing the dog to new environments, other people, and animals.

By doing this he will learn not to be wary when he encounters new people and things.

Pomeranian Siberian Husky mix

The pros and cons of owning a Pomsky


This hybrid has a high-pitched bark and mostly does this when he needs to get your attention.

The Pomeranian and Husky mix may have a stubborn streak but you should be able to deal with this by giving him the correct training.


He makes a very good companion dog and loves all kinds of activities.

This is a highly intelligent mixed dog and you should have no problems when you are training him.

He loves to be the owner and can cuddle all day if possible.

Health problems of the Pomeranian Husky mix

Mixed dogs are generally healthier than purebred dogs because of the larger gene pool.

However, there is a chance that this dog may inherit some of the health issues that are suffered by the parent.

Collapsing trachea

Smalls dogs are most affected by this condition.

This is a condition where the trachea or windpipe collapses and it is chronic and irreversible.

When the trachea collapses the airway is obstructed and breathing becomes more difficult for the dog.

Dilated cardiomyopathy

This is a heart condition that affects dogs.

It is an issue that quickly progresses and causing coughing, breathing problems, and even loss of appetite.

Summary of this hybrid dog

We have seen that the Pomeranian and Husky mix are perfect for first-time dog owners and families.

It is now up to you to decide if this dog will fit into your lifestyle.

If you live in an apartment you will not have any issues with this dog but just make sure he gets his daily dose of training and exercise.

They love nothing but spending time with the owner and love nothing more than you affection and love.

How have you liked this dog? Would you be willing to commit to him?

Give us your feedback and thoughts on the comment section below.

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