100+ Pawsome and Pawsitive Dog Puns to lighten up your day

If you are a dog lover like I am you may find these dog puns amusing and if you are looking for bad dog puns then you are sure barking up the wrong tree. These dog puns are gleaned from the internet dog puns world.

Hopefully, these dog puns make your day brighter and pawsome or maybe illicit a small eye roll or a minor groan. So, let’s cut through the chase and get directly to the dog puns.

Some great dog puns

dog puns
Some amazing and pawsome dog puns
  • My dog’s name is Gracie. She is gray see. People ask if she feels greasy.
  • Pug plus Poodle, he is a puggle, the puggle is real.
  • My wife bought a dog by the name Marley. He is the Great Pyrenees and also got a great pair of knees.
  • Your dog is paw-pular.
  • My dog was having a bad day and when I asked him how his day was going he said, “Ruff”
  • What do you call a beautiful dog? a hot dog.
  • Learn to always stay pawsitive.
  • He keeps calling me a good dog but I am a female dog. Oh! paw-lease.
  • You should always thank people fur the good deeds.
  • This place seems fur-miliar.
  • What type of construction are dogs best at? Roofing.
  • Ever wondered why dogs run-in circles? Because it is hard to run in a square.
  • I bought my dog a car and he left it at the parking-lot.
  • My dog is such a good storyteller, he always knows how to paws and add dramatic effects.
  • My wife’s dog has been having many girlfriends lately thanks to his pick up line, “you must be my backyard because I dig you.

dog pun

  •  How can you know when your dog is lazy? When he starts chasing parked cars.
  • The dog was pup and running in no time.
  • His dog just had a great paw-formance let’s give him a big round of ap-paws.
  • I saw an oppawtunity and started a pet store.
  • What does your dog eat at the movies? Pup corn.
  • The annoying squirrel at the backyard made my dog go mutts.
  • Being an expert my dog can give you a few Pointers on playing fetch.
  • We need pictures of our pup. We need to hire a photogra-fur to do the work.
  • My dog is so stubborn and trying to train him was a Mastiff waste of time.
  • You should never bite the hound that feeds you.Dog puns

dog puns

  • Before taking that dog food to the market always make sure that you take it to the Lab for testing.
  • My Dalmatian is very shy and always hides form people so that he doesn’t get spotted.
  • I figured out what kind of dog the Dracula has, a Bloodhound.
  • What do you call a magician that does his tricks using dogs? A Labracadabrador.
  • Why did the showman name his dog frost? Because frost bites.
  • What do you call a zoo that has no dog? You call it a shitzu.
  • My dog has no nose, he smells terrible.
  • Happy barkday.
  • I wanted to remind you about something. Bad stuff happens, don’t Terrier yourself about it.
  • I am hungry it is time to make woofles.
  • You need to see a dentist one of your canines is getting loose.
  • Dogs can’t run an MRI machine but cat scan.
  • What did the dog say on Saint Patty’s day? Let’s get pugging drunk.
  • The sale was great this week at the store. It was a buy one and get one flea week.
  • What the dog’s favorite band? The Beagles.
  • I know you were looking for some great dog puns then you should paws what you are doing and read this.
  • What is the difference between bad dog puns and great dog puns? Great dog puns make you bark with laughter.
  • What do you call illegal dog missions? Bark Ops.
  • What did the new dog owner say to his puppy? You are paw-some and I will love you fur-ever.
  • The dog does not remember where he barked the car in the barking lot.

Dog puns just for you

dog puns

  • What is the dogs favorite movie? Harry paw-tter and the sorcerers bone.
  • Ever known that pups call their parents dog-ma and paw.
  • What do you call a cold dog? A pupsicle.
  • Did you know that a  dog that picks locks is called a corg-key?
  • My dog has a job and is now working in the paw-fice.
  • The dog’s new outfit is fetching.
  • You should be careful when it is raining cats and dogs because you could step on a Poodle.
  • The famous dog just told me that I can’t take a pup-arazzi.
  • My dog just went to the bank to make a de-paw-sit.
  • What did the dog tell his shy friend? You never stand up for yourself you just rollover.
  • The dog and the landlord have to negotiate the terms of the leash.
  • Let us just take the dogs to the paw-ty.
  • What did the dog say to his valentines? I am mutts about you.

doggo meme

  • So, my dalmatian just appreciated the ice cream that I gave to him by telling me that it just hit the spot.
  • The picnic we went to together with dogs quickly turned into a Bark-B-Q!
  • What do you give your dog when you go to the movies? Pup-eroni pizza and pup-corn.
  • If you are having a bad day just pug-get about it.
  • I warned people against calling my dog fat because he is just a bit husky.
  • Where does the sheepdog live? At the Border of Colli-fornia.
  • What do you call a super silent dog? A hush puppy.
  • I figured out why my dog quit his job. He discovered that it was a dog eat dog world.
  • The mailman carried his phone so that he could call off the dogs.
  • Why did the dog share his dinner with you? It was the leashed he could do.
  • Ever wondered what happens when a dog swallows a ball? You get some ballshit.
  • What kind of clothes do pets wear? Petticoats of course.
  • I recently discovered how smart my dog was when I asked him where the top of the house was and he said “Roof!” “Roof!”

Funny dog Pun

dog puns

  • dog punWhat did the dog say to the flea? Stop bugging me.
  • How do you know that your dog is learning a new language? When he says meow.
  • What do you call a dog that has no legs? It does not matter because he won’t come anyway.
  • What kind of dog loves a shower? A shampoodle.
  • What do you call a dog that loves using the toilet? A poo-dle.
  • The pup chased his tail because he wanted to make ends meet.
  • My dog can’t use the television remote because he likes pressing the paws button.
  • Never mix a cheetah with a dog, you will get a pet that chases cars and catches them.
  • I feed pooched eggs to my dog for breakfast.
  • My dog went to the re-tail store because his tail fell off.

doggo pun

  • Dogs love Formula 1 drooling. It is their favorite kind of sport.
  • If you cannot seem to figure out where you are going with your dog then you need to shed some light on that issue.
  • How do you know that a dog has a cellphone? He has a collar Id.
  • What did the skeleton tell the dog? Bone Appetit.
  • What do you call a puppy during the winter? A chili dog.
  • My dog thinks sandpaper is very Ruff.
  • How do fleas travel from one place to another? They simply go itch-hiking.
  • My dog’s favorite Pink Floyd album is the Bark Side of the Moon.
  • I am sure that you have ever heard of the book about raising puppies, it is a great pup-up book.
  • My dog tried to bury himself at the bark yard after he heard that you can’t grow a tree without a bark.
  • What do you get when you breed a bulldog and a Shih Tzu? Bullshit.
  • Cats are scared of trees because of the bark.
  • What do you call a dog that has a Rolex? A watchdog of course.
  • My dog likes staying under the shade because he doesn’t want to become a hot dog.
  • Dogs are terrible dancers because they have to dance on the two left legs.
  • Chi-ha-has love to laugh at jokes.

More great dog puns

  • The dog was con-fused for he started making the cons list.
  • What do you get when you mix a golden dog with a telephone? A golden receiver.
  • What happens when you mix a puppy with a calculator? you get a friend that you can count on.
  • What happens when you mix a rose with a dog? You get a collie-flower.
  • The dog barked from de-light when he swallowed a firefly.
  • My dog stole the show after he bought tickets to the flea show.
  • A cop recently stopped a girl that was walking her dog asking her for the dog’s license and she said that the dog was only six and could not even drive.
  • If you can’t get a hot dog what other kinds of food can you eat? A sausage dog maybe.
  • The dog was gotten to run the factory because he could get it pup and running in the shortest time.

There you go WOOF!!

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