How much does a Cockapoo cost? (Cockapoo Price 2022)

Cockapoos are expensive designer dogs because of their high demand and popularity. They can cost as low as $700 to as high $3000 from a reputable breeder

Some listings may be as low as $200. Likely, prices this low are from puppy mills and unscrupulous individuals. You will have no way to know how healthy the pup is without medical documentation and guarantees. Medical testing is absolutely essential.

Schedule a meeting with the breeder in person and insist on seeing the mother at least. The breeder must care about his puppies’ health and welfare. 

Their cost will depend on the coat color, pedigree, bloodline, location, and size;

  • Teacup Cockapoo– About $500 to $1500
  • Toy Cockapoo– About $800 to $2000
  • Miniature Cockapoo– About $1000 to $2500
  • Standard Cockapoo– About $1500 to $3000

As for colors, Merle and Phantom will cost the most (~1500 to $3000). Chocolate, Apricot, Red, Parti, and cream are the second most expensive ($1500 to $2500). Other light solid colors such as cream and blonde follow ($1200 to $2000). Black Cockapoos cost the least ($1000 to $1500)

Adoption cost

Adoption facilities could charge between $100 and $500 in fees. This may cover spaying and neutering, vaccination, certification, vet examination, and shelter support.

You are likely to adopt an adult dog other than a puppy or adolescent dog.

Cockapoo Buying Checklist

  • Ask if for registered papers with a known registry such as the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain (CCGB).
  • Ask to see how the premises are and if they are comfortable.
  • Find the health testing done and ask for the test papers. The parents should be at least PRA clear from a DNA test and microchip registration details.
  • See the dam at least her pups and the sire if possible.
  • ​The puppy should be vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas.
  • Ask for health guarantees and completion of a puppy contract and RSPCA PIP. Also, have a receipt with sale details.
  • The breeder should also show interest in your lifestyle to probe if you are the right fit. They will also provide a sample of the pup’s diet, grooming advice, and routine. Maintain them when you take the pup home.

Visit several breeders for fact-finding to make a more educated choice before buying.

Ongoing Costs

Apart from the initial costs, there are costs involved in owning a Cockapoo. 

Monthly ownership costs will range from $50 to 400. 

Food costs

Feeding can range from $200 to $1500 depending on the food and dog’s size. Treats cost between $50 and $300.

Invest in high-quality food as the diet will impact his health. The diet can be store-bought or homemade. 

Vet and health costs

The first vet visit will involve;

  • Vaccination– $150 to $500
  • Spay and neuter– $300 to $700
  • Flea and Parasite prevention– $100 to $300 per year
  • Microchipping service– $50 to $100

The pup will also need about 4 annual routine vet checks that cost about $50 to $100 per session. Emergency visits will cost around $2000.

It’s also advisable to have medical insurance for emergencies. A comprehensive cover will cost about $80 per month. The deductible will vary depending on the company and cover. Or, you could set up an emergency fund for the dog with as low as $500. 

Grooming costs

Cockapoos need regular grooming. Grooming sessions cost about $50 to $200 from a professional groomer.

Cost breakdown

Buying or adoption~100 to $2500
Licensing~$20 to $100
Spay and neuter~300 to $500
Vet Checkups~$80
Collar and/ or harness~10 to $200
Leash~$10 to $60
Grooming supplies~$20 to $200
Puppy pads~$10 to $200
Toys ~$10 to $300

To Conclude

It’s generally not advisable to get more than 1 puppy at a time. 2 puppies or more require more commitment and care. To get more than 1 pup, take one year for easier integration.

All in all, ensure the pup is from a reputable breeder. Also, consider adoption to give a rescue Cockapoo a new chance at life in a new home.

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