Cream German Shepherd (What you should know)

Cream is a shade of the larger white German Shepherd color variation. White German Shepherds come in various shades ranging from yellowish/golden to cream to snow white.

These shades are caused by different amounts of red pigment on the coat. Cream GSDs simply have more red pigment compared to their ivory-white counterparts but they all have similar genetics on a basic level.

They are all e/e at the E-locus (MC1R gene ) and i/i on the Intensity locus. Depending on the concentration of the red pheomelanin and the degree of dilution, dogs with these genes can have diluted coats ranging in color from creamish to a whitish shade.

This is caused by different degrees of red pigment dilution. It is still not fully known what causes the different degrees of dilution but research is ongoing. We will update you once more information is out.

Learn more about the white German Shepherd’s genetics and other traits including the white shade variations including cream in this detailed guide.

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