Cockapoo life expectancy (Quick Guide)

Cockapoos have a higher than average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years and up to 18 years for some. Life expectancy depends on the dog’s size, health, and care.

Cockapoo growth stages

Cockapoos go through 4 growth stages;

  • Puppyhood (0 to 12 months). This is the time it takes to reach sexual maturity. Cockapoo puppies are quite playful and energetic.
  • Adolescence (12 to 18 months). The dog gains the ability to reproduce as females reach their heat cycle. The dog may become moodier and aggressive. Some Cockapoos become more territorial and protective, less friendly, and may bark more. 
  • Adulthood (1 to 3 years). This is when the Cockapoo reaches maturity and is calmer. Learned habits become harder to break as the dog is more stubborn and less responsive. This is why early training and socialization are necessary.
  • Old age/senior (6 to 10 years). The dog is slower, exercises less, and needs special care and attention. It is important to be prepared for the dog’s old age, alter his diet and watch his weight. 


Health complications shorten a Cockapoo’s lifespan. This is why it’s crucial to get a pup from a reputable breeder. Ensure both the pup’s parents are healthy and well taken care of.  

If your pup develops any signs of a health complication, take him to a vet for diagnosis and treatment. Regular checkups are also important to catch any hidden issues.

Feed your dog a healthy diet, maintain his hygiene and provide adequate exercise. Exercise and play go a long way in a Cockapoo’s longevity. 

Old age

Once a Cockapoo is about 8 years, he is a senior dog. Watching your Cockapoo get older may be heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. 

The dog is less active and less jumpy. His joints and eyesight become weaker. He may sleep more. Gains weight more as his hair grays. His sensitivity to heat and cold increases. 

Learn how to accommodate him when this time comes by;

  • Watching his weight.
  • A diet for older dogs. You may also need to supplement the dog’s diet. Your vet should recommend the best supplements for your Cockapoo.
  • Less strenuous work and exercises. He will still enjoy walks and other exercises but at a slower pace to maintain joint and muscle health.
  • Work at his pace and make his bedding more comfortable.
  • Assisting the dog get in the car and any raised areas.
  • More regular check-ups for complications like arthritis, etc

​Plan to better take care of your dog when you are together. 

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